“Hogs for Heroes” seeks Wisconsin veteran who deserves a brand new Harley-Davidson!

MADISON -- A Madison non-profit organization is getting veterans back out on the road -- on brand new motorcycles!

The organization is called "Hogs for Heroes" and the group's goal is to give brand new Harley-Davidson motorcycles to Wisconsin veterans.

The group raises money, purchases a motorcycle and gifts it to a deserving Wisconsin veteran.

"Hogs for Heroes" has already given away two motorcycles, raising enough money to give away one more. When choosing a deserving veteran, they look at four criteria:

"One, that they're a Wisconsin veteran. Two, that they were injured in a service-related situation. Three, we call it a financial component. We don't put a number to it, but somebody who is not in a position to afford the bike themselves and then fourth, that they have a history and a passion of motorcycling," Kevin Thompson said.

"Hogs for Heroes" is looking for a deserving veteran for their next bike donation. The application window runs until April 1st.

CLICK HERE to learn more, or to nominate a veteran.