Mother charged after her boys overdosed while at school allegedly said she “didn’t want the kids anyway”

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ALLEGHENY COUNTY, Pennsylvania — Police arrested a 27-year-old mother after her children overdosed on prescription drugs and passed out at school. Authorities said she gave them a strong drug, and when she was confronted about it, she said she didn’t want the kids anyway!

Hearing of an overdose is becoming more and more common in western Pennsylvania and across the country — and we’re hearing more about children being impacted as well.

27-year-old Samantha Brown is facing a long list of charges after investigators said she gave her eight-year-old son and nine-year-old son Klonopin before school on Wednesday, March 1st.

The drug is used to treat epilepsy and panic disorders.

According to a criminal complaint, the boys overdosed at Propel Braddock Hills Elementary School.

The complaint says the eight-year-old boy was “laid out on the floor, unresponsive. The floor was full of vomit and he was foaming at the mouth. (The nine-year-old boy) was foaming at the mouth. He was not vomiting, but was dazed.”

The brothers were rushed to Children’s Hospital and treated for overdoses.

The boys told police Brown made them take the pills.

Brown had pills on her when she was questioned by police, and allegedly said she “didn’t want the kids anyway.”

She was being held in jail on $50,000 bail.

Officials at the charter school declined to comment on this investigation.


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