Best friend of 16-year-old killed in crash while brother was allegedly racing speaks out: “I fainted at the hospital”

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MILWAUKEE -- The best friend of 16-year-old Lisandra Munoz-Sanchez, killed in a crash near 13th and Bolivar on Monday, March 6th told FOX6 News she wants to spread a message about the importance of safe driving.

Andrea Cordero said she is arranging a special Friday, March 10th church service in honor of her late friend. Cordero said she and Munoz-Sanchez were inseparable. She said the only thing keeping her together after her friend's death is knowing that Munoz-Sanchez would want her to be strong through this incredibly difficult time.

Munoz-Sanchez was a passenger in an SUV driven by her 18-year-old brother Ivan. Police believe he was racing another vehicle when he lost control and crashed into the side of a cement truck near 13th and Bolivar on Monday afternoon.

Lisandra Munoz-Sanchez

Lisandra Munoz-Sanchez was killed, and her brother was hurt.

Andrea Cordero

"They had a really great bond. Lisandra would follow him everywhere. I remember her saying, 'bye best friend. I love you so much.' Those were her last words to me," Cordero said.

Cordero described Munoz-Sanchez as a fighter and free spirit.

"She was so open-minded. Even though how many times she wanted to give up on things, she never did," Cordero said.

Cordero was with the Munoz-Sanchez family when news broke of her death.

"I fainted at the hospital, because I couldn't take it. I couldn't take the shock that it was her -- and then what happened with Ivan too," Cordero said.

Fatal crash at 13th and Bolivar

Fatal crash at 13th and Bolivar

Fatal crash at 13th and Bolivar

Ivan was also treated at the hospital. He is expected to face charges.

"I just can't imagine the pain her parents are going through, like, losing both of their kids," Cordero said.

Lisandra Munoz-Sanchez and Andrea Cordero

Cordero said she is working to arrange a Mass in honor of her late friend. She said she wants to share a message with her classmates about driving safely.

"I want to teach all of us that driving safe is important because you never know what can happen," Cordero said.

Police said they are still investigating what led up to this crash.

Lisandra Munoz-Sanchez and Andrea Cordero

At this point, it's not clear what happened to the driver Munoz-Sanchez's brother was allegedly racing.

On Wednesday night, a car wash was held to help raise money for Lisandra Munoz-Sanchez's funeral.

Car wash to raise money for Lisandra Munoz-Sanchez's funeral