“Get in!” Dashcam video shows Kansas trooper saving stranded trucker from wildfire

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Dramatic dashcam video shows a Kansas trooper rescuing a stranded tractor-trailer driver from a wildfire and driving through thick smoke as flames lick the roadside.

Kansas Highway Patrol Trooper Tod Hileman has posted video on Facebook of the fire near the small central Kansas town of Wilson. After the fire jumped Interstate 70 east of him on Monday, he began turning people around before they drove into it. He turned around about 20 cars and two tractor-trailers before the fire also crossed the interstate to the west.

He can be heard on the video telling a truck driver who became stuck to “get in.”

Hileman called the situation is “one of the most steering-wheel-gripping moments” he’s had in his 20 years with the patrol.

By Wednesday, the fire had burned more than 1,000 square miles.