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AddeoFit is a one of a kind fitness center featuring 6 individual studios

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GLENDALE -- Kramp spent the morning at AddeoFit in Glendale, which is a one of a kind fitness center featuring six individual studios in one 14,000 square foot space. Their clients can select from 125 classes a week. Their studios include cycling, yoga, barre, performance, multi-purpose and cardio.

About AddeoFit (website)

AddeoFit is a one of a kind fitness center located in Milwaukee's North Shore. We are here to push people forward, and to teach them that it is hard work and determination that leads to success... not shortcuts, not gimmicks, and not fads. Being healthy cannot be a short-term resolution; it must be a lifelong commitment to find, create, and nurture a better you.
We believe there is nothing satisfying about settling and that showing up is something our clients will never regret. So we will strive every single day to help them find their inner strength, and the beauty in every step of their journey and show them that their outer strength will always shine from the inside out.