Tourists stranded on London Eye during terrorism incident

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The London Eye shutdown and tourist remain stuck, as the UK Parliament remains on lockdown.

Tourists riding the London Eye were stranded on the iconic attraction Wednesday when the area was locked down after a terrorism incident near the UK Parliament.

Lucas Rengifo was visiting from Madrid and could see police and emergency crews respond to the attack from his perch on the Ferris wheel.

He said passengers were told that there was an incident on the ground.

“We thought that it was a car accident until we saw the vans and the Ferris wheel was stopped,” Rengifo told CNN.

Rengifo said he had been waiting for more than an hour to get off of the London Eye.

Hans Edvard Askjer says he saw a woman being rescued from the River Thames after the attack.

Video from the ground showed people walking around the passenger capsules waiting to be let out.

Officials at the London Eye tweeted that they were holding passengers on board because of the security situation. They announced that they were letting people off about an hour later.