“We’re the eyes of the city:” 2 MCTS drivers credited for helping man found unconscious in his car

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MILWAUKEE -- They found a man behind the wheel of his car unconscious and in the middle of the street. Now, two Milwaukee County Transit System (MCTS) bus drivers are being credited for helping save him.

It's their job to safely drive passengers from bus stop to bus stop, but on Thursday morning, March 23rd, new driver Precious Bolden and her instructor Jeannie Mitchell added first responder to their titles.

"I was just h oping he wasn't dead. Just hoping he was still with us," said Precious Bolden, new MCTS bus driver.

Bolden just completed five weeks of training as a MCTS bus driver. Thursday, she and her training instructor Jeannie Mitchell were on route 35 near 35th and Lincoln, where it was seemingly a normal day until they passed a car that was stopped in the middle of the street.

"I noticed other vehicles going around him, basically trying to get in front of my bus so after I let vehicles get in front of my bus as I passed him I looked over to my left hand side to see that he was slumped over in his seat," said Bolden.

While Bolden stayed behind the wheel, Jeannie checked on the man in the car.

"I checked him for a pulse and it was faded but his chest was moving so I knew he was still alive," said Jeannie Mitchell, MCTS bus driver.

Mitchell yelled for Bolden to contact dispatch and call for medical help -- something they are trained to do.

"Yes, if we see anything outside of our vehicle, assist as best as possible," said Bolden.

This isn't the first time Jeannie stepped in to help, last November she found two young children on her route who were lost and she called dispatch to help.

"We're the eyes of the city so if we see it sometimes we're first on the scene and that's when we step in," said Mitchell.

Once again, taking her job from bus driver to good Samaratin.

"Just makes me so proud of both of you that you're representing a country that's doing what we're all needing to do which is help each other out," said Milwaukee County Executive Chris Abele.

Precious Bolden will drive her first official route as a new driver on Sunday.

As for the man they helped save? He was injected with Narcan to revive him. Police say the man recovered and was arrested.