“We pick up about 11 tons per week:” How the poop from the zoo is removed, and how it’s being used

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MILWAUKEE -- When you visit the Milwaukee County Zoo -- sometimes you'll see the animals enjoying a nice meal. But, then what? Of course what goes in, must come out. Brian Kramp shows you how the poo from the Zoo is removed and how it's being used!

Giraffes eat roughly 12 pounds of alfalfa per day whiel the elephants take in more than 100 pounds of food daily -- which needs to be picked up once it comes back out.

"You're seeing the big poop pick up is what you`re seeing," said Chuck Wickenhauser.

Milwaukee County Zoo director Chuck Wickenhauser may say that with a grin, but here at the zoo, picking up poop is a very necessary part of keeping the animal's living areas clean.

"Actually, we pick up about eleven tons per week. That eleven tons turns into a bout 550 tons per year," said Wickenhauser.

Which totals more than one million pounds of poop per year!