Those little liars: Expert weighs in on why kids lie — and offers some ways to get them to stop

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Do you ever wish you could get your kids to tell the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth. But the truth is, kids lie. And that's why we've called in child development expert Jessica Lahner with Carroll University to help us fix the fibs.

Parents of 4-6 year olds understand her situation because this is when lying tends to rear its ugly head.

  • Many of us panic because we 'fear forward' thinking the worst about what this must mean about our child
    and his future behavior (My child`s a liar; Will he grow up to cheat, steal? ...)
  • But when we realize that lying is actually developmentally very normal at this stage and we understand why kids lie, we can teach them how to tell the truth and provide a safe place for doing so.