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Facebook’s founder pays a visit to State Street Brats and loves the cheese curds

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MADISON — Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg paid Madison a visit on Sunday, April 30th. Specifically, he made a stop at State Street Brats.

Zuckerberg’s caption reads, “Thanks to our community for the recommendations! I basically inhaled the first brat and cheese curds before remembering I should take a photo to thank you all for telling me to come here, so then I ordered this second brat. I do not regret it.”

Zuckerberg stopped in Madison as part of his “Personal Year of Travel Challenge” — to get out and talk to more people about how they’re living, working and thinking about the future. Over the weekend, he surprised an Ohio family with a visit at dinnertime — and also popped in at Ford Motor Company. Zuckerberg has pledged to visit every state in the nation as part of this challenge.