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Scrambling to find a gift for mom? The hottest items for Mother’s Day

MILWAUKEE -- The clock is ticking to find the perfect Mother's Day gift. Jaymes Duke Ballard joins FOX6 WakeUp to help.


  • Use code word
  • MOM for
  • 50% For a limited time only.
  • (editable arrangements has a big disc also! Use code word: MOM)

2. First Aid Beauty

  • Hello FAB Skincare kit on the GO!
  • For busy moms and new moms..
  • *3 in one Superfruit Color Correcting Cushion-$36 *Caffeine Matcha Wake Up Wipes- $15 *Use in the mornings to refresh, post gym time, Hydrates and replenishes skin, *Vital Green face Mist A gym juice drink for your face. Healthy glowing!
  • Filled with leafy green super foods. $18


  • Skin food- a cult favorite all natural cream Contains plant extract that literally fuels the skin! $19 Whole foods.


  • Designer clothes from Vintage shops and Nordstrom Rack. $45 to $100


  • Healthy and no sugar at all.
  • Great Idea for her special day!
  • Any grocery store.
  • #Drinkclean

6. INDUSTRY SECRET ( If time permits) Go on Type in your name and comes up Your address and home number or Cell. This is a invasion of privacy!

  • Scroll down to privacy and
  • Click REMOVE to erase
  • Your information.