Milwaukee police: 5 simple steps auto dealers can take to avoid burglaries

MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police say the city has been experiencing burglaries from auto dealerships in the late evening and early morning hours. Police released Tuesday, May 23rd, five simple steps dealers can take to avoid becoming a victim.

Officials say thieves are targeting keys for the cars on the lot at dealerships. Fortunately, there are steps that can be taken to reduce the likelihood of becoming a victim.

  1. Keep keys in a secure location
    • Stores keys in a locked safe or other secure location at all times.
    • Don’t keep keys inside vehicles.
  2. Secure doors when closed
    • Block overhead doors with vehicles.
    • Turn off power to overhead doors.
  3. Use physical barriers
    • Use concrete posts (or bollards) to prevent unauthorized access to or from the building or lot.
    • Use vehicles to block exterior gates.
  4. Report suspicious activity
    • Thieves may case the business beforehand looking for weaknesses. This may include wandering for an extended period or entering unauthorized areas.
    • Take note of identifying details, such as the license plate of the car they may drive.
  5. Use video surveillance
    • Use a surveillance system to capture actions in the dealership and on the lot. This may deter or assist in identifying thieves.