Dodge County Sheriff gifts young hero who saved woman from overdosing with new bike… again

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DODGE COUNTY — The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office gifted a second brand new bike to a young community hero after his first bike was lost at the hands of a thief.

The Dodge County Sheriff’s Office posted to their Facebook page showing Christopher Rios-Sarabia receiving the brand new bike from the sheriff Thursday, June 1st. 

Back in 2015, Rios-Sarabia saved a woman from overdosing in her car. Then 11 years old, he was gifted a Green Bay Packers jersey and a brand new bike for his heroism. The next day, that bike was taken but he never told the sheriff.

Flash forward to 2017, the sheriff found out about Rios-Sarabia’s stolen bike and reached out to Walmart who donated him a replacement.