Freedom police issue warning after “strange” incident involving crying woman who tried to get into home

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FREEDOM — Police in Freedom, Wisconsin, located in Outagamie County, northeast of Appleton are issuing a warning after a recent incident in which a woman apparently tried to get into a home in the area.

Police said around midnight on a week day, a resident heard a knock at their front door, and found a woman by herself, crying and asking to come inside.

The resident offered to call police for her on several occasions, but the woman kept refusing help from the police and said “no, don’t call the police.”

When the woman realized the resident wasn’t going to let her in, she left.

Police said it remains unclear why the woman was upset and knocking on the door late at night. Police noted it was “strange” that the woman didn’t want police called, and just wanted to come inside.

Freedom police are now issuing a warning so that residents are aware that they should never let someone in their home that they do not know, under any circumstances. If something like this happens to you, you should call police immediately so that they can help.

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