Pros and cons: Local blogger talks about the best bags to take to Summerfest

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MILWAUKEE -- When you're rocking out to the music at Summerfest, the last thing you want to worry about is your bag. Local blogger Lauren Sturycz joins Real Milwaukee with the pros and cons of different purses -- and the essentials you should pack inside.

1. Clutch:

  • Small in size
  • Easy to hang onto
  • So many cute styles and options
  • Able to set down anywhere
  • Less to go through during the security check


  • No strap (sometimes)
  • Higher risk of getting dirty/spilled on
  • Can easily be forgotten
  • Things may fall out easier

2. Wristlet:

  • Portable, easy to hold
  • Strap around the wrist for security
  • Most of the time there's a zipper across the top to make sure nothing falls out
  • Perfect for carrying basic essentials
  • Less to go through during the security check


  • Sometimes too small depending on what you carry
  • Can easily be forgotten
  • Higher risk of getting dirty/spilled on

*The Pretty Broke Blonde Style Tip:
- Now, they make wristlets and clutches that have smart phone chargers IN them! No worries about your phone dying during a fun snapchat video anymore!*

3. Crossbody:

  • More room to carry more items
  • Easy to keep everything secure


  • Depending on what you carry, it could get heavy
  • If you're not watching, there's a chance someone could sneak into it without you noticing
  • Risk of getting dirty/spilled on

Option 1: "I'm going to see a performer in the Marcus Amphitheater and then I'm going home. I don't need much."


-Tickets (try and pull them up on your phone if you can)
-Phone (NO CAMERA, it's way too clunky to carry and if you have a smartphone, you're good to go!)
-Lipstick/gloss for makeup touchups
-Hand sanitizer
-Travel size sanitation wipes

Option 2: "I'm going to Summerfest multiple times to walk around with friends enjoying the food, drinks, music, etc. with no specific plans. We might go out downtown later as well."


-Pepper spray
-Hand sanitizer
-Travel Sanitation Wipes
-Travel Deodorant
-Lipstick/Gloss for makeup touchups
-Portable charger (being around that many people with service, it can be hard to get a signal and also drain your phone battery faster)
-Cards/Cash (what I like to do is hide a certain dollar amount like a $20 in case you need a cab or something and you don't accidentally spend it)

Option 3: "I have certain artists I'd like to see on the free stages and I will be in the middle of the crowds to enjoy the concert."