Summer frizz, saggy ponytails: Tips on fixing some of summer’s biggest hair problems

MILWAUKEE -- Between the heat and humidity -- our hair needs some serious help in the summer. That's why we've called in stylist Scott Yance to solve some of the biggest hair problems summer brings.

1. Saggy Ponytails
-Use gravity! By tilting your head back when creating your ponytail it immediately eliminates sag.
-Hold your hair farther away and loose. Then, create your pony

2. Tiny buns
-Simply pull the hair apart once it`s in the bun
-Using fillers like foam or nylon
-Add fake hair

3. Fly aways
-Properly spraying back whips hairs — it`s all about product!
-Use a hold product before you blow-dry

4. Summer frizz
-Start controlling frizz with product before you blow dry
-Don`t touch your hair once styled

5. Cowlicks
-Dry your hair first in the direction of the cowlick, then against it so you confuse the roots
-Use a round brush and hair dryer to work hair into place