“Shot an individual 3 times in the chest:” U.S. Marshals seek 20-year-old Jaylind Newell

Jaylind Newell

MILWAUKEE -- One fingerprint at a crime scene gave away the lead suspect in a murder investigation. Now, U.S. Marshals are hoping viewers can help track down where 20-year-old Jaylind Newell is.

It’s a unique pattern of lines that can give away where you've been...

"He discharged his firearm and killed another individual and has to be brought to justice,” the agent on Newell's case said.

U.S. Marshals say Newell left his mark at a crime scene last fall.

Prosecutors say that on October 9th of 2016, Newell recklessly shot another person near 27th and Roosevelt on Milwaukee’s north side.

“He shot an individual three times in the chest with a 40 caliber,” he said.

When police arrived the victim was dead, covered in blood. Three separate gunshots caused multiple injuries to his lungs and heart.

Investigators recovered shell casings and a black hair pick next to the victim's body.

Further investigation revealed that the victim and Newell knew each other and were passengers inside a Mercury Cougar. Prosecutors say when they stepped out of the car, Newell shot the victim and went through his pockets before leaving the scene. But print examiners say Newell left something behind, a fingerprint from his left middle finger on the victim's hair pick.

"Jaylind Newell is relatively young he doesn't have an extensive criminal history,” the agent explained. "one descriptor he has on his forearm is a tattoo that says problem child."

Authorities say he's on the run hiding out somewhere in the north side of Milwaukee.

Agents know where he's been but with viewers help we may know where he's going.