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‘Bangers,’ ‘screamers’ to be used to get rid of seagulls during run of Milwaukee Air and Water Show

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MILWAUKEE — Officials tied to the 2017 Milwaukee Air & Water Show will be using safe, non-lethal pyrotechnics this week to reduce the threat of aircraft striking or ingesting gulls during this year’s show.

A news release indicates the pyrotechnics, comprised of “bangers” and “screamers,” are the same ones used at major airports nationwide to provide safety for commercial jet aircraft and their passengers, and they are also the same ones used in Milwaukee for previous air shows. They do not touch or harm the gulls in any way.

From Wednesday, July 12th to Sunday, July 16th, volunteer boaters, directed by the United States Department of Agriculture, will use the pyrotechnic devises to encourage flocks of ring-billed and herring gulls to stay away from the lakefront.

The pyrotechnic devices are provided by local pyrotechnic companies, Reed Joseph, Margo Supplies, and Sutton Ag. City officials and law enforcement were notified in advance of the commencement of this program.

The 2017 Milwaukee Air & Water Show runs Saturday, July 15th and Sunday, July 16th along the city’s lakefront. The featured attraction are the U.S. Navy Blue Angels. But there will be plenty more attractions in the skies over Lake Michigan.