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“Came out with a shotgun:” Neighbor, upset with construction noise, takes drastic measures

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

WEST ALLIS -- He was angry about the noise coming from his neighbor's construction project, but workers say what he did next went way too far. That neighbor was taken away by police on Monday, July 10th.

It happened at 94th and Lapham in West Allis. Workers say the sound of a neighbor's roofing project irritated a West Allis man to the point he took extreme measures.

"An older gentleman got a little frustrated with the noise and all the work being done," Scott Geboy with Scott Geboy Roofing said.

Geboy said his workers told him the man first attempted to quiet the roofers by alerting authorities.

"Came out and called on the cops on us and the cops said everything was OK," Geboy said.

When that didn't work, you could say things escalated quickly.

"Little while later the guy came out with a shotgun," Geboy said.

This time, when police responded, the neighbor was taken into custody.

"You get a gun pointed at you...my guys were jumping off the roof. They were jumping in the bushes," Geboy said.

Scott Geboy

West Allis police confirmed for FOX6 News a neighbor upset with home contractors next door pointed a gun at them. Police said no shots were fired. The offender was taken into custody without incident.

"Whatever happens, don't point a gun at someone, you know?" Geboy said.

Geboy said one of his workers hurt his knee jumping off the roof.