Whip up a good look: DIY beauty recipes that will have you itching to get in the kitchen

MILWAUKEE -- All natural, clean beauty products can cost a fortune at the department store. And sometimes you may already have some money-saving substitutes right in your pantry or fridge. Local blogger, Pamela Kieck, joins Real Milwaukee with some beauty hacks straight from the kitchen.

  1. Coffee Body scrub: 
  •      1 part coconut or olive oil
  •       1 part coffee grounds
  •       1 part brown sugar

This is will moisturized the skin, exfoliate and also the caffeine will help reduce cellulite

  1. Skin brightening mask: 
  •       1 tbsp of turmeric
  •        1 tbsp honey
  •        1 tbsp plain yogurt

This will help will dull skin, also reduce the appearance of acne scars or dark circles and give you a glowy look

  1.  Hair mask: 
  •       1 banana
  •        2 tbsp of olive oil
  •        4 tbsp of beer

Beer will actually make you hair softer, shinier and stronger

  1.  Lip scrub 
  •      1 tbsp brown sugar
  •      1 tbsp olive oil
  •       1/2 tbsp honey