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Milwaukee pharmacy robbed 17 times; owner says, “We’re trying to protect ourselves”

MILWAUKEE -- A local pharmacy chain is the target of two attempted and one successful break-ins in two days. But the would-be thieves came away empty-handed.

Surveillance video from Hayat Pharmacy shows two burglars got into the pharmacy by busting a hole in the wall and then bending a security gate.

promethazine with codeine

They were not able to find the locked up controlled drugs they were looking for -- and settled for a mail safe. But the suspects dropped the safe outside after hearing someone approach.

Officials believe the burglars were after cough medication.

"It's promethazine with codeine. So it's an antihistamine that contains opioid or pain medication," said Pharmacist Dr. Shawnte Robinson.

Burglars also tried to break into the pharmacy at 54th and Capitol where Robinson works.

"We have new steel doors with steel frames. So they actually tried to use a crowbar, but the locks wouldn't pop for them," Robinson said.

There is evidence of their attempt, but it's just that -- an attempt.

"They actually tried to get through there. The glass is all shattered but they were unable to get inside," Robinson said.

Last year, Hayat Pharmacy was robbed 17 times -- twice at one location. So the owner took preventative measures with the steel and glass reinforcements and inaccessible drugs.

"We're trying to protect ourselves. So there really isn't anything that they can get out of the pharmacy," Robinson said.