Donations pour into Burlington food pantry following flood — but there’s still need for help

Love, Inc. food pantry

BURLINGTON -- Power is back on in the City of Burlington! Many were left in the dark after floodwaters wreaked havoc there. As the water slowly recedes, we are starting to look at the damage and the need for help is growing.

"It's been very overwhelming," said Director of Services, Tina Henning.

At Love, Inc. food pantry in Burlington, donations have been flowing in.

"Just miscellaneous things, a bunch of different rice," said Henning.

Tina Henning

The need has increased significantly.

"This area is never full like this," said Tina Henning, Love, Inc. "I'm just so thankful to be able to help our families."

Tina Henning is the director of social services at Love, Inc. She's working to get basic items to families left with nothing after the flood.

"Us being able to provide just something as small as a few cases of water and some basic food needs to get through until the electric is back on means everything to the people that are in need," said Henning.

Around Burlington, flood waters remain high as crews work to restore power.

"The worst thing is I can't take a shower, we don't have any power of any kind," said Ann Knutson, Burlington resident.

Officials get a better look at the damage, flying drones overhead and inspecting the Echo Dam. They say water eroded some embankments. The Burlington police chief announced Echo Lake will likely be drained for repairs on the dam.

"In the space of a few weeks, the end goal is that Echo Lake is drained. Because of the debris that is being eroded around that dam," said Burlington Police Chief Mark Anderson. 

Neighbors come together, showing in this time of need they aren't alone.

"I'm sure that we're going to pull this strong," said Henning.

The food pantry is still asking for donations. The director says the need will only increase as power is restored. Love, Inc. will be handing out food and supplies to flood victims on Saturday, July 15th from 10:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.