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“Everything has to be cleaned and disinfected:” Special trash pickup set up for Burlington flood victims

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BURLINGTON -- An effort got underway Monday, July 17th in Burlington -- with a goal of clearing out damaged and wet items from homes. The city organized a special trash pickup service, as people work to empty out their flooded homes.

As the water recedes, a new problem has surfaced.

"You don't want mold growing," said John Brau. "Everything has to be cleaned and disinfected."

Cleanup efforts continue in Burlington after flood

Gail Koss was ready Monday to dump some of her damaged items.

Cleanup efforts continue in Burlington after flood

"I am overwhelmed with the amount of damage, with the generosity of the community," said Koss.

Koss's lawn was littered with items too soggy to save, some dear to her heart.

"We were collectible people. Once you lose the box, the integrity of the collectible is no longer," said Koss.

Some of her neighbors were luckier.

"I have a lot of shelving in my basement, so everything kind of stayed up and out of the water," said Brau.

Cleanup efforts continue in Burlington after flood

Cleanup efforts continue in Burlington after flood

Most who live near the Fox River in Burlington said they're eagerly awaiting the special curb side pickup service -- organized by the City of Burlington.

Through Friday, July 28th, John's Disposal trucks will pick up flood-damaged items in addition to regular garbage collection.

Some people rented dumpsters, not knowing the city was going to have a special flood cleanup.

"That way it will be done when I call and that will be it," said Brandon Hobus.

Cleanup efforts continue in Burlington after flood

The loss has hurt.

"We got married in October. A bunch of memorabilia and stuff from that, the majority of her toys, a couch, a couple TVs," said Hobus.

But everyone said they hope  the worst of it is now behind them.

"It is done. It is over with," said Hobus.

Residents participating in this special pick‐up service should follow these  preparation steps for the disposal of damaged items:

  • Debris must be contained in cans or bags not exceeding 33‐gallons in size and no heavier than 45 lbs. each.
  • Debris may be bundled; however, cannot exceed 45 lbs.  in weight and four feet in length and no wider than two feet in diameter.
  • Carpeting must be rolled, taped, or tied. Carpet, after being rolled and tied,should be no longer than four feet in length and no wider than two feet in diameter and weigh no more than 45 lbs. each.
  • Larger items such as  damaged furniture may be placed at the curb adjacent to garbage/recycle  containers
  • Empty contents and remove refrigerator/freezer doors for safety purposes.

The Red Cross shelter at Burlington High School remained open Monday. It'll close Tuesday.

Racine County officials are asking that victims please report their flood damage. If you have been affected by the recent floods, please report property damage to Impact 2-1-1 by either visiting the website HERE, by texting [898-211] or by dialing 211. This information will help officials assess the degree of damage. If your family, friends or neighbors do not have internet access, please ask them to also report their property damage to 2-1-1.

Those in need of cleanup kits can get those for free at the Central Racine County Health Department, the Town of Waterford Hall and Police Department, Union Grove Piggly Wiggly and Burlington High School.