“Tremendous opportunity:” Foxconn to be a game-changer for area construction companies


MILWAUKEE -- Foxconn on Wednesday, July 26th announced plans to build a $10 billion factory in southeastern Wisconsin that officials say can transform the state's economy.

"It's a tremendous opportunity for all of us in the construction trade," said President and CEO of Bukacek Construction, Jim Cairns.

Cairns has four decades of experience with both large and small-scale construction. His company is based in Racine, and can handle 20 projects at a time. He predicts hundreds of companies from surrounding counties will be contracted for what's rumored to be a 20 million square foot facility.


"Well there's concrete supplies, asphalt suppliers, plumbers, electricians, painters, I'm sure roofing. You know, all of the general commercial building trades will be involved in it," Cairns said.

Jim Cairns

Cairns said his company is more mid-level and would not be on the list of companies making a bid for construction, but he expects a domino effect of other projects to follow Foxconn's groundbreaking.

"It's going to need retail, and it's going to need more housing, and it's going to need more commercial or some other manufacturing that will support their building," said Cairns.

Although there's much to gain from the Foxconn project, Cairns said equally as important is for the international company building a connection with the local people.

"I think when you are coming to a new area like this, it is vitally important to provide that local connection," Cairns said.

The Foxconn deal also has the support of the CEO of the Associated General Contractors of Greater Milwaukee. He is calling the deal a game changer for the commercial construction industry in southeastern Wisconsin.