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“It feels good:” Milwaukee man begins construction on new home, thanks to Habitat for Humanity

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MILWAUKEE -- A Milwaukee man took his first steps towards becoming a homeowner on Monday, July 31st. Paul Walker began construction on his new home, thanks to Habitat for Humanity.

Paul Walker

Volunteers from Habitat for Humanity, and executives from Sargento Cheese teamed up to help give this man a new home.

"They took the time out to come and help me -- and all I can say is thank you," said Walker.

Walker has lived in Milwaukee since he was young, but with some recent changes to his life -- getting engaged and having a baby on the way -- he wanted a home to raise a family.

"Great opportunity for the broader Sargento family to give back to a community in need, and to help build a home for a very deserving homeowner," said Louie Gentine, CEO of Sargento Foods.

Volunteers begin construction on 28th home in the Milwaukee area.

Something that's very important to Habitat for Humanity is incorporating the homeowner into every part of the process -- whether it's filing the paperwork to start the build or even hammering in the nails for their own home.

"It feels good. It's getting you prepared, so if anything happens in the house, you kind of know where to start at, know if you can do it, or I got to pay a couple dollars to somebody else," said Walker.

These homes take roughly eight months to build, and while it may take some time for it to be finished -- Habitat for Humanity officials said they're set on getting it done as quickly as possible.

Volunteers begin construction on 28th home in the Milwaukee area.

Volunteers begin construction on 28th home in the Milwaukee area.

"Paul is a first-time homebuyer and he, for the first time, will be able to provide his family a safe, affordable home," said Jake Brandt, Habitat for Humanity.

"I have a bit of a green thumb cutting the grass, so I'm just ready," said Walker.