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Officer hailed for his actions taken after motorcycle crash in Greenfield

GREENFIELD -- Two motorcyclists, sister and brother, are recovering from serious injuries after a crash on Friday night, July 28th. A Greenfield police officer is credit with possibly saving the driver's life.

Greenfield Police Officer Justin Triumph was on routine patrol Friday evening around 8:30 p.m. when he was flagged down about a wreck at 68th and Layton.

"I immediately noticed the male subject was bleeding heavily. It looked like his left arm had been nearly severed," Triumph said.

The passenger on the motorcycle was also down. But based on the blood, Officer Triumph knew the driver needed immediate attention and fast. So he pulled out his department-issued tourniquet to apply to the victim's upper right arm.

Greenfield Police Officer Justin Triumph

"The idea is to pull it tight. Once you've got it as tight as you can pull it. You use this crank to further tighten it down until you can get it as tight as you can get it," Triumph said.

So much of the arm was damaged that he also applied gauze pads with blood-clotting material and applied pressure until paramedics arrived.

Despite Triumph's efforts and those of emergency medical personnel, the motorcycle driver's arm had to be amputated at the hospital. But he didn't lose his life from blood loss.

A vehicle with flashing lights is what the motorcycle struck. Triumph said the car was turning onto Layton Ave. headed east, when it appears the motorcycle came over the hill and struck the side of the vehicle.

Greenfield Police Officer helps victims of motorcycle crash near 68th and Layton.

"Based on the impact, based on witness statements, it sounded like speed was somewhat of a factor with the motorcycle," Triumph said.

FOX6 News spoke to the father of the two injured motorcyclists. He said his son, the driver, has had three or four surgeries but he has been moved out of intensive care. As for the sister, she broke her femur but was able to leave the hospital on Tuesday.