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“I love it!” 2017 Wisconsin State Fair marks 100th for Kay Krause, who once worked at Robert’s

WEST ALLIS -- Sunday, August 13th was the final day of the 2017 Wisconsin State Fair, and FOX6 News met a woman celebrating her 100th year of going to the fair!

Robert’s Restaurant

“We serve our Ruben's. We serve the corned beef alone, just on rye bread. We serve Braunschweiger. We serve wings -- which we are known for at the restaurant,” Robert Krause from Robert’s Restaurant said.

And Robert's is the only place at the Wisconsin State Fair where Ms. Kay Krause will work.

“11 days! I love it. I love watching people,” Krause said.

Krause has been coming to the Wisconsin State Fair for 100 years! She spent her summers at the fair as a kid, taking part in all 11 days of the fair. As she grew older, she started working the fairs.

Ms. Kay Krause

“I’ll work for you for one year. Well, that one year turned into 28-and-a-half years,” Krause said.

Robert’s Restaurant

Robert’s Restaurant

“She still comes everyday. She has to be here,” Robert Krause said.

In order to commemorate her 100th State Fair, they got her a sign, which they displayed proudly above their bar.

“I loved it, but arthritis took over my ankles and I quit at 86,” Krause said of her time working at Robert's.

When asked about her secret to her longevity and a happy life, she attributed it to something unusual.

“I never smoked or drank, but believe it or not, I usually have half an onion every day,” Kay said.

Ms. Kay Krause

Ms. Kay Krause

But with 100 years already in the books, is she ready for another 100 more?

“I just pray to the good Lord. Don’t flip my page yet,” Krause said.

She's an exemplary role model who shows it’s not necessarily where you spend your time living, but how you spend it, that makes it all worthwhile.

Krause said the fair has changed a lot over the years, but the biggest change for her is the number of people that will seek her out and thank her for all the good meals she’s made.

Wisconsin State Fair