Paddle brush, bristle brush or maybe round? Stylist breaks down hairbrushes by hair type

MILWAUKEE -- Want to boost the look and health of your hair? Look no further than your hairbrush. Scott Yance with Scottfree Salon joins Real Milwaukee to talk about picking out the best hairbrush for your hair type.

  • Paddle brush: Good for long hair or getting hair dried quickly.
  • Vent brush: Good for short hair, men's hair and creating volume. Can also be use for blowing out fringe.
  • Denman brush: Good for straightening out all textures. Also good for blowing out and correcting "cowlicks".
  • Round brush: Great for creating volume or waves.
  • Mason Pearson or boar bristle brush: Good for smoothing, up dos and ponytails
  • Wet brush: ¬†Good for brushing out extremely tangled hair.