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Watch: Heartwarming dashcam video captures officer dancing with 92-year-old woman

AUSTIN, Minn. — 92-year-old Millie Seiver’s dance moves are contagious. Video of the elderly woman dancing with a police officer is warming people’s hearts.

According to WGN, Seiver was spotted on a police officer’s dashcam in August, dancing alone in a parking lot. That’s when the officer in the car, Sergeant Kim Lenz, couldn’t help but join in.

The video has since gone viral, and bringing smiles to all who see it.

WGN reports Seiver admits she’s always enjoyed dancing and says she has no intention to stop.

“I’ve always liked to dance… my husband and I liked to dance,” said Seiver.

Seiver’s daughter, Tammie, says her mom has always had a passion for dancing.

Seiver hopes the video will inspire others to get up and move, regardless of their age.