“There’s nothing like it:” Milwaukee Bucks want you to play a role in the team’s success!

MILWAUKEE -- Most of us will never know what it is like to play in the NBA -- but that is not the only way to play a role in the success of the Milwaukee Bucks.

From adrenaline junkies who want to soar above the rim, to percussion specialists feeling the rhythm, the Bucks are casting a wide net amid their annual talent search.

"There's nothing like it. Right when I had that first timeout on the court performing, I loved it," said Ryan Kiser, one of the Rim Rockers.

All week long, the Bucks are hosting auditions for various game-day performance groups. The high-flying Rim Rockers and Bucks Beats drumline are just the beginning. The Young Bucks feature rising stars on the dance floor.

Bucks Beats

"It's just really fun to show your talent out in front of 18,000 fans," said Julian Cottrell, a sixth grader who is a member of the Young Bucks.

Grand Dancers

The Grand Dancers are a collection of seasoned performers ages 55 and over.

"We bring excitement. We bring entertainment. We make people happy while we're dancing and that's what we enjoy the most," said Donna Provan, one of the Grand Dancers.

The Hoop Troop does a little bit of everything -- engaging hosts with a penchant for pumping up a crowd.

"What we're looking for is, we're looking for someone who has a lot of energy. They're outgoing," said Mason Wiedmeyer, a member of the Hoop Troop.

Hoop Troop

All play an integral role in entertaining basketball fans during breaks in the action.

"You have to take all of your talents, and everyone has different talents, to hype up the crowd, and the end goal is to have people leave feeling, this is the best experience of their life," said Rocco Zaccagnini, a member of Bucks Beats.

All the auditions this week are being held at the Froedtert and Medical College of Wisconsin Sports Science Center. It's a chance for those trying out to check out the Bucks' new training facility. CLICK HERE for more information.