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“It’s a bigger day for the parents:” Move-in day at UW-Milwaukee is controlled chaos

Move-in day at UW-Milwaukee

MILWAUKEE -- Moving a few thousand students into the dorms of the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee campus is no small feat.

Rush hour traffic flowed right into campus on Tuesday, August 29th as Alyssa Conrardy beamed with excitement. The UW-Milwaukee alum hasn't gone far since graduating -- and said she remembers her first move-in fondly.

"It was about seven years ago. It was an 85 degree day, so our weather is much nicer today than it was that day," Conrardy said.

Move-in day at UW-Milwaukee

Conrardy and her traffic controllers weaved in between cones and cars on Tuesday, executing an important job. Behind the wheel were the thousands of bright-eyed students and anxious parents.

"I think actually sometimes it's a bigger day for the parents, you know? They are leaving their students in our hands," Conrardy said.

Move-in day at UW-Milwaukee

4,000 students are expected to unpack this week. But the UW-Milwaukee team has things well in order. They have to keep track of roughly 100 cars per hour as the process unfolds.