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Card box stolen from wedding couple in Newburg; may be connected to similar incident in Mayville

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Lance and Jenny Rohan

WASHINGTON COUNTY -- Another wedding card box -- stolen in SE Wisconsin. This time, thieves targeted a Washington County couple over the past weekend. The bride and groom believe the theft is connected to a similar incident in Mayville, in Dodge County.

Newburg newlyweds, Jenny and Lance Rohan, took all of the necessary precautions at their September 9th nuptials, after hearing wedding night horror stories of gift card boxes going missing.

Lance and Jenny Rohan

"Which is why we ended up going with such a large card box that we didn't think could possibly be stolen," said Jenny.

Despite their best efforts, the couple said the antique trunk carrying their cards was stolen as the celebration was winding down at the Fillmore Turner Hall.

Fillmore Turner Hall

Jenny Rohan

"I saw our best man walk out the door with the card box, and thought, 'oh there it goes.' And then at some point after it got out to the vehicle, the person whose vehicle it was, they came in to check on something, left the vehicle unlocked and unattended for less than five minutes," Jenny said.

The Washington County Sheriff's Office is looking into the theft. Investigators are also in contact with Mayville police, where in August, thieves swiped a bride and groom's cards from the reception at the golf course.

"I think there's a very good chance that it's connected just because it happened in such a similar fashion," said Jenny.

The newlyweds are now sharing their story in case someone else has been victimized, and hope they can compare notes and catch the wedding crashers.

"I think it's incredibly sad to think that somebody that awful exists. Some of us rely on that money because it's definitely not cheap getting married," said Jenny and Lance.

Lance and Jenny Rohan

The Rohans estimate between $5,000 to $10,000 were in the cards. Both the Washington County and Dodge County thefts occurred just after midnight, while guests were loading items into vehicles.