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Garden of Eden Kingdom Living: “Promoting healthy eating habits for all through self-discipline”

MILWAUKEE-- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Garden of Eden Kingdom Living. Their goal is to return to the basic way of eating. All their products are made with only natural ingredients. They make hot sauces, dressings, syrups, soups, and seasonings.

About  Garden of Eden Kingdom Living (website)

Garden of Eden Kingdom living, mission is to return to the Garden of Eden way of eating and living back in the Bible days when our food was in its purest and natural form. We blend only that which comes from God's creation, allowing mother Nature to work on our behalf. With a mixture and combination of an assortment of the freshest fruit and vegetable, produces. This cause our drinks to flow with tons of Natural Energy, Natural Nutrition, Natural Vitamins, and Natural Nourishment and our product made with only natural ingredients. Garden of Eden Kingdom living, will provide customers with an all-natural products, Hot sauce, dressing, syrups, soups, seasoning,  that will help customers to eat and drink in a healthier way and to promote a healthy life style by keeping our all natural products in its richest form.