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“Sick of the crap that’s going on:” Stripped car dumped in south side neighborhood

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14th and Harrison

MILWAUKEE -- Stripped and dumped, a car found in a south side neighborhood is stirring a lot of conversation and concern.

"I live right here. This wasn't here last night," said Katie, who found the stripped vehicle.

Katie said she noticed the abandoned vehicle at the corner of 14th and Harrison after taking her child to school Wednesday morning, September 13th.

"Kind of sick of the crap that's going on around here. They seem to be dumping in this neighborhood a lot, and figured I'd stop and be nosey," said Katie.

She called police, but she also posted photos of the car on a stolen car group social media page, which spawned a lot of comments and responses from someone who may have spotted the Honda parts on Craigslist.

14th and Harrison

14th and Harrison

"All the parts that are missing on this car are what's for sale on Craigslist. The post is from five days ago. We don't know if the car is stolen," said Katie.

Police, who came out to investigate, said the car was not reported stolen and they weren't aware of any other stripped cars in the area -- but Katie said she is.

"There was another one two weeks ago, so it's happening an awful lot. They don't seem to care what they're doing, where they're dumping it, who it affects," said Katie.

14th and Harrison

14th and Harrison

14th and Harrison

The other question: If the car was stripped where it was dumped, where did it come from and how did it get there?

"I know they need to increase patrols in this neighborhood. Possibly at night because it's not happening in the day. It's being dumped late at night," Katie said.

For Katie, it's personal. She said her Honda Accord was stolen a year ago.

"So we're just sick of it. We're tired, and I think if enough people stand up, say something, maybe it'll stop," said Katie.

FOX6 News attempted to contact the Milwaukee alderman for that district. Alderman Jose Perez's office said they aren't aware of any complaints about stripped cars in that area.