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Racine Public Library, Bookmobile will be closed Friday after bed bugs found

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RACINE — The Racine Public Library and Bookmobile will be closed on Friday, September 15th for pest control.

According to officials with the Racine Public Library, in the past month, two live bed bugs have been identified by the health department. One was in the circulation area, and one was on a returned DVD.

In order to protect staff and public, the library has contracted with Canine Detection & Inspection Services, LLC, to conduct an inspection of the entire building.

If evidence of bed bugs are found, the library has contracted with Anderson Pest Solutions to aggressively treat the area, both immediately and in followup visits. The building must be closed for several hours for these operations.

Officials say a press release will be issued on Friday, September 15th detailing what was found and what treatment, if any, was conducted.

The library will open to the public again on Saturday, September 16th at 11 a.m.

Any materials due on Friday will now be due on Saturday (Bookmobile items will be due a week from Friday).