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Read it: Officials react after Assembly Republicans pass state budget

This is an archived article and the information in the article may be outdated. Please look at the time stamp on the story to see when it was last updated.

Capitol in Madison

MADISON — Assembly Republicans passed the state budget after a 10-week delay Wednesday, sending the $76 billion spending plan to a Senate chamber paralyzed by GOP infighting.

Below is reaction from state lawmakers and others following the vote:

Governor Scott Walker

“Thank you to the members of the State Assembly for voting for our budget that will put more actual dollars into K-12 education than ever before, make college more affordable, care for those in need, build stronger roads and bridges, and provide more relief for taxpayers. We are working and winning for Wisconsin.”

Representative Tod Ohnstad (D-Kenosha)

“This budget is rigged against Wisconsin families. It’s a massive giveaway to the wealthy at the expense of working Wisconsinites. Whether we look at repeal of the prevailing wage for hard-working Wisconsinites, a woefully inadequate transportation plan, or a tax plan that favors the rich, this budget benefits a few Wisconsinites and harms a great many,” said Rep. Ohnstad. The Republican budget is months overdue, but still rigs the state’s priorities in favor of the rich at the expense of working Wisconsinites.”

“Repealing the prevailing wage hurts thousands of Wisconsinites. The average Wisconsinite sees zero benefits from a weak transportation plan and tax cuts for the wealthy,” Rep. Ohnstad concluded. Rep. Ohnstad voted with his Assembly Democratic colleagues to oppose this ill-advised Republican budget.”

Speaker Robin Vos (R-Rochester)

“The Assembly has concluded its work on the state budget, which delivers on our promise to Wisconsin taxpayers. We’re setting the right priorities and making government more accountable. The two-year spending plan includes a historic investment to K-12 schools, eliminates several taxes, and keeps property taxes below 2010, 2014 and today’s levels.

“Everyone in Wisconsin can find something to like in this budget from an increased investment in worker training to the extended tuition freeze for the UW System schools. It’s also a fiscally responsible budget that ends in a positive balance and maintains the largest rainy day fund in state history. Today we showed Wisconsin that we’re committed to moving our state forward.”

State Senator Tim Carpenter (D-Milwaukee)

“Now that they have the great Foxconn distraction out of the way it is time for Republicans to actually focus on the funding of our state. With complete control of state government the dysfunctional Republicans are now 77 days late on delivering their budget and Wisconsin is one of only two states to not pass a budget on time as required by law. I will be on the floor of the Senate bright and early Friday morning ready to debate the misguided priorities in their budget. The question remains, will they? According to Majority Leader Fitzgerald the answer is apparently anyone’s guess. If the controlling party can find it within themselves to actually pass this budget, I would be particularly eager to hear them justify the pork for campaign contributors, earmarks, and special interest favors they’ve included. Alternatively, if the Majority Party continues to refuse to govern, maybe it’s time for them to try something novel. Maybe it’s time for them to reach out to Democrats, work with us, include our ideas and priorities in this budget, and get something done for the people of Wisconsin.”

Dana Wachs, Democratic candidate for Governor

“Wisconsin deserves a budget that’s accountable to hard working families. Scott Walker’s budget fails to reflects our values as a state by helping his own wealthy and well-connected campaign contributors at the taxpayer’s expense.

“This budget has no consideration of what it means for the people, what is best for Wisconsin families, and I cannot support it.”

Republican Party of Wisconsin

“Governor Scott Walker and our Republican leaders in the State Assembly successfully took the next step in the fight for hard-working Wisconsin families. The passage of today’s budget builds on the conservative reforms that Republicans in Wisconsin have fought for time and time again. Thanks to their bold leadership, our state’s future is bright, and Wisconsin is working and winning.”