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Police offer $1,600 reward for info. leading to arrest, conviction in stolen wedding card case

MAYVILLE — The Mayville Police Department is now offering a $1,600 reward to anyone with information that leads to the recovery and/or information directly supporting the successful prosecution of persons involved in the theft of wedding cards from the Mayville Golf Course on August 19th.

The Theresa assistant fire chief and a fire department EMT, Ryan Koll and Amber Burtard, tied the knot at the Mayville Golf Course, and their wedding cards were stolen as they were loading up their truck.

“We’re estimating the total loss could be the in area of $15,000,”┬áMayville Acting Police Chief Ryan┬áVossekuil said. “We’re doing everything we can to get it back for them.”

The couple and their loved ones have said this isn’t about getting the money back. It’s about reading the heartfelt messages in those cards — and at the very least, warning others.

Anyone with information that could assist police us urged to call the Mayville Police Department at 920-387-7903.