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Alleged Facebook rant leads to felony charges: “Who’s with me to riot?”

John Borowski

OZAUKEE COUNTY — An alleged “Facebook rant” has led to felony charges against a Saukville man.

The accused is 42-year-old John Borowski, who is facing one count of criminal damage to property of a judge, and one count of threat to a judge.

According to a criminal complaint, Judge Joseph Voiland presided over a family court matter involving Borowski and his ex-wife, last brought into court in September.

On October 9th, prosecutors say investigators learned of a potential threat to the Ozaukee County Courts and Judge Voiland. It was learned an email had been sent to Borowski’s ex-wife’s attorney, reading: “Do not let him be with his daughter. Doesn’t he have a firearm restriction per the restraining order? These are the things he posts on Facebook. He is certifiably crazy.”

The email contained a Facebook post from September 30th, reading: “I’m a white man being deprived of my child for unjust causes. I have absolutely no criminal record. I barely drink and am constantly subjected to drug and alcohol tests required by the FRA. Children now 22 and almost 20 who can attest to my parenting. Who’s with me to riot and loot the courthouse? Possibly the judge’s neighborhood? I want to really put a test to ‘white privilege’ and ‘male’ superiority. I don’t think taking a knee or destroying my own neighborhood will do any good.”

According to the complaint, below this post was a photograph that showed Borowski with a firearm, in hunting attire. After he was shown the post, the complaint says the judge feared for the safety of his family.

A warrant was issued for Borowski’s arrest on October 13th. He was taken into custody on October 16th.