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Smoother, leaner legs: 5 exercises you can do at home to help fight off cellulite

MILWAUKEE -- Are smoother, leaner legs on your wishlist this holiday season? Erika Gudgeon or PUSH Functional Fitness joins Real Milwaukee with five exercises that can help fight off cellulite.

5 Cellulite-Blasting Exercises

  • Quad Killa's (Lunge jump into squat jump)
  • Froggers (Plank squat thrusts)
  • Pogo lunges  (spring back with knee drive up)
  • Lateral Rock Jocks  (lateral mountain Climbers)
  • Surrender Squats (kneel down stand up into jump squat)

Foods that can fight cellulite:

  • Salmon
  • Raw nuts and seeds
  • Chili and Cayenne Peppers
  • Blackberries and blueberries
  • Green vegetables (asparagus, cucumbers, broccoli) Along with water with lemon and herbal teas.