Dense fog advisory for parts of SE Wisconsin until 10 a.m. Tuesday

Attention drivers: This upcoming construction could impact your commute

MILWAUKEE -- Ryan Luck with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation joins FOX6 WakeUp to talk about the upcoming construction that could impact your commute.

Zoo Interchange Project:

Monday, November 20

Overnight I-94 West full closure at Zoo Interchange for bridge work - 11PM - 4:30AM (Includes I-41 South to I-94 East system ramp closure, I-41 South to I-94 West system ramp closure , and I-41/894 North to I-94 West system ramp closure for bridge work - 11PM - 4:30AM)

Thanksgiving Holiday - no closures Wednesday, November 22 through Sunday, November 26

I-894 Project -- which begins early 2018:

I-41/894 North and South 84th Street (On I-894 East section) to Lincoln Avenue
Work: Pavement Rehabilitation

Early February - Early October

Traffic impacts:
Lane closure on I-41/894 North and South (two lanes remain open in each direction), the I-94 West to I-41/894 South System Ramp in the Zoo Interchange remains closed, National Avenue Entrance Ramp to I-41/894 South closes.

I-94 West to I-41/894 South System Ramp and National Avenue Southbound Entrance Ramp reopen in late-June 2018.
I-41/894 South reopens to 4 lanes late August and I-41/894 North reopens to 4 lanes in Early October.