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Phobruary highlights 3 restaurants in the Silver City Neighborhood

MILWAUKEE -- Brian Kramp spent the morning at Silver City District previewing Phobruary. Phobruary highlights three restaurants in the Silver City Neighborhood – a renowned International dining destination. This year, Bamboo Restaurant, Thai Bar-B-Que, and Vientiane Noodle Shop (all supplied by the Asian International Market) will participate by offering Pho at a special price of $5 per bowl; Monday through Friday, dine-in only.*

About Phobruary (Facebook page)

So, what is Pho? It’s a soup native to Vietnam, common in Laos and Thailand, which delivers a complex combination of flavors that dance on the tongue’s taste buds. It combines noodles with a choice of thinly-sliced beef, chicken, vegetables or shrimp, and also offers a multitude of garnishes and fresh herbs to tailor the soup to individual preferences. These typically include Thai Basil, sprouts, cilantro, limes, jalapeño, sauces, peppers, and other items. This delicious combination of flavors will satisfy your hunger by the time you get to the bottom of the bowl.

Looking for ways to take your love for Pho up a notch?

“Phon” (fun) in Silver City Challenge
* Eat at all four Phobruary spots in February and you will automatically receive a signed Certificate of Achievement for your great work!
* You will also be entered to win a $25 gift certificate to the Asian International Market (winner announced March 1st).
* To enter, you must submit receipts and picture of yourself with each bowl of pho*

“What the Pho!” Challenge
* The first ten people to eat at at all four Phobruary spots in one day will receive a $25 gift certificate to the Asian International Market AND a signed Certificate of Excellence for your incredible work and stamina.
* To enter, you must submit receipts and picture of yourself with each bowl of pho*

*Challenge Rules
* Each challenge must be done within the month of February 2017 at the four participating Phobruary restaurants (Thai Lotus, Thai Bar-B-Que, Bamboo in Silver City and Vientiane Noodle Shop).

* To submit receipts and pictures, please email to or mail to Celia Benton, Layton Boulevard West Neighbors, 1545 S. Layton Blvd, Milwaukee WI 53215
* Please complete a Photo Waiver to use your name and/or picture for promotional reasons. This is not a requirement to win.
Are YOU up PHO the challenge?