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Hello everybody, I joined the FOX6 news team on Valentine’s Day 2012. I’ve since fallen in love with Milwaukee! The best part of my job is when I can personally help make someone’s life a little better – with the help of our viewers. A great example was on New Year’s Day 2016 when we helped one viewer donate a wheelchair to a woman who had hers stolen.

I come to Milwaukee by way of WICD in Champaign, IL. That station has become a pipeline for FOX6 – I worked there with our own Ben Handelman and FOX 6 alums Bret Buganski and Brittney Sager. At WICD, I was the Vermilion County Bureau Chief. I worked alone in our Danville office, about 45 minutes from the Champaign studio. Before leaving the station, I spent time in sports covering the Fighting Illini and the prep scene.

Before then, I worked at KOMU in Columbia, MO. That’s the station run by the University of Missouri. After graduating from Mizzou, I stuck around to do a variety of things. The spectrum ran from running live shots for other reporters to updating the website.

I grew up in Skokie, IL which borders Chicago to the north. My roots will make for the toughest adjustments here. I have to admit I’m a huge Bears and Cubs fan. Rest assured, it won’t affect my reporting…even when I’m sent up north to do a Packer story! Growing up in Chicago, I was a vendor at both Wrigley Field and U.S. Cellular Field. I knew then I was a sports nut since I was more interested in watching the game than selling hot dogs!

I look forward to telling more stories that matter in southeast Wisconsin. If you’ve got an idea for one of them, let me know about it on Facebook and/or Twitter!

Recent Articles
  • MPD holds roll call in the street as school year ends

    Alderman propose raising taxes to hire 150 new MPD officers; how the plan could cost the city

    MILWAUKEE — Two Milwaukee aldermen are proposing a property tax increase to pay for 150 new Milwaukee police officers — a move that could result in the loss of some funding from the state of Wisconsin. If you think of state aid as a tree, the “Expenditure Restraint Program” is a nearly $9 million branch. Under state law, that branch cannot be extended if city officials increase spending by too much, which is what could happen in Milwaukee under this […]

  • roll call

    “The only reasonable way to do it:” Aldermen hear proposal to raise taxes to pay for new police officers

    MILWAUKEE — The Milwaukee Common Council’s Judiciary and Legislation Committee held a special meeting Monday afternoon, July 25th — and two alderman presented a proposal for more police officers. It is an ambitious plan to add 150 new Milwaukee police officers, and it comes with a price tag. The proposal calls for residents to vote on a referendum to add 150 officers. Supporters say this plan offers a way to do that without making cuts elsewhere — but in order to do […]

  • Donald Trump

    “Trump clearly laid out a plan:” Wisconsin Republicans react to Donald Trump’s RNC speech

    MANITOWOC — From top elected officials to long-time party activists — Wisconsin’s Republican delegates offer their take on this week’s Republican National Convention. At least among those representing the Badger State in Cleveland, there’s a united stance among Wisconsin Republicans. They’re enthusiastically backing Donald Trump, even if that wasn’t always the case. “We don’t win anymore but we are going to start winning again,” said Donald Trump. Trump delivered Thursday’s acceptance speech with a familiar message. Critics paint it as […]

  • Packers

    At Shareholders’ Meeting, Packers fans learn there will be metal detectors at Lambeau Field this season

    GREEN BAY — For some, Thursday, July 21st marked the beginning of football season as the Packers held their annual Shareholders’ Meeting at Lambeau Field. For a couple of hours, Packers fans pressed “pause” on summer and fast-forwarded to fall. “This is perfect football weather — rainy, you know, get dirty, get muddy. That’s what football’s all about,” Philip Pittman, Packers shareholder said. “It’s the start of the season. We as fans get pumped up. Once the stockholder meeting starts […]

  • Protest at BP gas station near Sherman and Burleigh

    Protesters urge boycott of BP gas station near Sherman Park after shots fired incident

    MILWAUKEE — There was a large, all-day protest Wednesday, July 20th at a BP gas station located near Sherman and Burleigh in Milwaukee after a shots fired incident Tuesday night, July 19th. Milwaukee police tell FOX6 News officers responded to the gas station shortly before 10:30 p.m. Tuesday. Police say a 34-year-old employee of the business fired his gun into the air, pointed up, following a disturbance involving several dozen juveniles. No one was struck by the gunfire. Police say the employee […]

  • Markell Thompson's sports camp in Moody Park

    “Give them options:” 64 murders so far in 2016; coach using sports to connect with city’s young people

    MILWAUKEE — In a violent span of less than 48 hours, four people were murdered in Milwaukee — three on Sunday, July 17th and one on Monday, July 18th. This, after Milwaukee’s Homicide Review Commission released its mid-year report. In the report, city officials say violence must be viewed as a public health problem. One of the suggestions for reducing violence is positive intervention with those at risk. If Milwaukee is to make strides toward reducing violence, Markell Thompson believes […]

  • MPD officer shot, wounded near 17th and Morgan

    Some want MPD’s temporary 2-officer per squad policy to be permanent, but acknowledge it’d be costly

    MILWAUKEE — In the wake of the shootings of police officers in Dallas, Baton Rouge, and here in Milwaukee, the Milwaukee Police Department is sending out officers in two-person squad units. FOX6 News has learned more about how long this policy will be in effect, amid questions about how this policy should be carried out. On Sunday, July 17th, near 17th and Morgan on the city’s south side, 31-year-old Brandon Baranowski, a Milwaukee police officer, was on the scene of […]

  • Mike Pence and Donald Trump

    All about balance: Local Republicans react to Trump’s VP pick

    OZAUKEE COUNTY — Locally, Donald Trump and political observers are reacting to the announcement of Mike Pence as the Republican running mate. Soon enough, volunteers will fill offices making call after call, singing the praises of Donald Trump and now, Mike Pence. One analyst says the announcement was somewhat unusual, which is what we’re coming to expect from the Republican nominee. In a speech that lasted about 25 minutes, Donald Trump delivered prepared remarks with plenty of improvisation mixed in. “We […]

  • Be alert, don’t live in fear: First responders train for possible crisis here in Milwaukee

    MILWAUKEE — First responders in Milwaukee say, on one hand, the attack in Nice, France will add a new layer of their training. On the other, they say training has evolved to make sure their response can cover a wide range of possible incidents. FOX6 News spoke with a training instructor earlier on Friday, July 15th. His message for anyone at Milwaukee’s Bastille Days, or anyone planning to be there, it’s basic and familiar: Be alert for anything suspicious but […]

  • Racine Hyundai in Sturtevant, MPD

    5 in custody after break-in at Racine Hyundai; officer hurt trying to stop stolen vehicle released from hospital

    RACINE COUNTY — Five teens are in custody after Milwaukee police recovered two vehicles stolen from a Sturtevant car dealership on Wednesday morning, July 13th. Four of those teens were arrested in an incident Wednesday evening that left one officer injured. “I noticed several teenagers going through my neighbor`s yard across the alley,” said Andrea Wehr, witness. It was enough to get Wehr’s attention Wednesday evening, but she went back to grilling in her yard near 75th and Burleigh. “All […]

  • Break-in at Racine Hyundai

    16-year-old in custody, vehicle recovered in Milwaukee after break-in at Sturtevant dealership

    RACINE COUNTY — It has happened again. Police are investigating another break-in at a car dealership in Racine County. This latest break-in occurred at the Racine Hyundai dealership located on Washington Avenue in the Village of Sturtevant on Wednesday morning, July 13th. On Wednesday evening, police said a 16-year-old boy is in custody in connection with this crime. One of two vehicles stolen from the dealership — a 2017 Hyundai Elantra, was recovered near 64th and Keefe in Milwaukee. On Wednesday night, […]

  • Neda mine, Dodge County

    “The mine is not open to the public:” UWM officials seal openings at Neda mine after three boys rescued

    DODGE COUNTY — We are learning more about the Neda mine in Dodge County — where three teenage boys were rescued Monday, July 11th after becoming lost inside the abandoned mine on Sunday afternoon. The University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has owned the mine for about 40 years. The Neda mine is an abandoned iron mine in Dodge County — the site of the largest bat hibernaculum in the Midwest. The property was acquired by the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee in 1976. At that […]


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