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Hello everybody, I’m the latest in a growing line of Multimedia Journalists at FOX6. We’re basically jacks of all trades – we shoot, write, and edit the stories you see us report on the news. It’s a bit more work but I love recording video in the field knowing exactly how it will fit in my story.

I come to Milwaukee by way of WICD in Champaign, IL. That station has become a pipeline for FOX6 – I worked there with Bret Buganski, Ben Handelman and Brittney Sager. Once again, we’re together on weekends! At WICD, I was the Vermilion County Bureau Chief. I worked alone in our Danville office, about 45 minutes from the Champaign studio. Before leaving the station, I spent time in sports covering the Fighting Illini and the prep scene.

Before then, I worked at KOMU in Columbia, MO. That’s the station run by the University of Missouri. After graduating from Mizzou, I stuck around to do a variety of things. The spectrum ran from running live shots for other reporters to updating the website.

I grew up in Skokie, IL which borders Chicago to the north. My roots will make for the toughest adjustments here. I have to admit I’m a huge Bears and Cubs fan. Rest assured, it won’t affect my reporting...even if I’m sent up north to do a Packer story! Growing up in Chicago, I was a vendor at both Wrigley Field and U.S. Cellular Field. I knew then I was a sports nut since I was more interested in watching the game than selling hot dogs!

I look forward to telling the stories that matter in southeast Wisconsin. If you’ve got an idea for one of them, let me know about it on Facebook and/or Twitter!

Recent Articles
  • Waiting for an answer: Family of Dontre Hamilton, fatally shot by an officer, wants closure

    MILWAUKEE (WITI/AP) — After a two-and-a-half month investigation, there remains no decision on whether a Milwaukee police officer was justified in fatally shooting a man at Red Arrow Park. 31-year-old Dontre Hamilton was shot by a police officer and killed on April 30th. Hamilton’s family met on Monday, July 21st with Milwaukee County’s District Attorney and Medical Examiner, as well as with three state Department of Justice investigators. They say they left with more questions than answers. The Department of Justice […]

  • Bucks arena meeting

    A piece of advice: Outsiders offer tips on how to build a new sports arena in Milwaukee

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The panel was arranged by the cultural and entertainment needs task force. Representatives from Denver, Cleveland, and Oklahoma City talked about how their cities built new arenas with a common theme: The need to have a vibrant downtown. When it comes to the construction of a new arena, the question remains: Who will pay for it and how? The estimated cost is between $400 and $500 million dollars. So far, the Bucks new owners have pledged $100 […]

  • pitching mound

    After the soccer match at Miller Park, it’s time to rebuild the pitcher’s mound & gear up for Brewers baseball

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Workers at Miller Park were busy Thursday, July 17th — doing something that hasn’t been done since the stadium opened in 2001. They were busy building a pitcher’s mound! They had to flatten the pitcher’s mound to accommodate Wednesday night’s international soccer match. Now, it’s time to get Miller Park ready to host Brewers baseball games again. Less than 24 hours after the soccer players left the field after Wednesday night’s soccer match, Miller Park’s grounds crew […]

  • “We can`t afford for this system to fail:” State lawmakers raise concern over child abuse case backlog

    MILWAUKEE CO. (WITI) — According to state statute, investigations into allegations of child abuse or neglect are to be completed within 60 days. In Milwaukee County, nearly 3,000 cases have been open longer than that. Investigations into possible cases of child abuse and neglect are handled at the Bureau of Milwaukee Child Welfare at 26th and Wisconsin. The office has come under scrutiny from state representatives Chris Taylor and LaTonya Johnson — who wrote a letter to the head of […]

  • odonnell

    Is the proposed sale of O’Donnell Park the best deal available? Can Milwaukee County do better?

    MILWAUKEE COUNTY (WITI) — Milwaukee County officials are split over whether a proposed sale of O’Donnell Park is the best deal available. Under the current offer, the county would sell the park and garage to Northwestern Mutual for $14 million. The math is laid out for Milwaukee County Supervisors in a memo. O’Donnell Park would sell for $14 million. Northwestern Mutual would get a $13 million credit for needed repairs. The county would pay off the remaining debt on the […]

  • wedding dress

    “The girls are so grateful:” Military brides get free gowns thanks to unique program

    DELAFIELD (WITI) — Being a bride can be stressful — and even more challenging if you’re  a military couple. But a bridal shop in Delafield is making one wedding day decision a bit easier for some. It’s fitting that Aeva Wedding and Party is in what used to be a church in downtown Delafield. That’s because the store’s owners are now giving away wedding gowns to military families. It’s all part of a program called “Brides Across America.” In order […]

  • Milwaukee Marathon

    Milwaukee Marathon in the works but route dispute halts finalizing plans

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — New York, Boston, Chicago, all world-famous marathons. And we’re getting closer to having a Milwaukee marathon next year, once issues about the running route get resolved. Marathons are always a spectacle, and there’s a little resistance to the idea of creating the Milwaukee Marathon. Alderman Willie Wade says he did have a problem with the proposed route, saying it didn’t spend enough time in predominately African-American neighborhoods. “We always talk about being the most segregated city in […]

  • wreck

    “Oh my God, I just prayed:” Two killed after speeding vehicle blows red light at Sherman & Burleigh

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Milwaukee police say two people were killed in a wreck involving four vehicles that shut down the intersection at Sherman and Burleigh on Thursday, July 10th. A FOX6 photojournalist saw it all unfold. Police say the crash was caused by a speeder who blew a red light. Two people in a car that was struck in the intersection were killed in this crash. Police say they are the vehicle’s 52-year-old operator and her 45-year-old passenger — both women. FOX6 photojournalist […]

  • Dricka Hodges

    “She did not deserve this:” 20-year-old man charged in shooting death of “Dricka” Hodges

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Relief for a Milwaukee family. 29-year-old Fredricka (Dricka) Hodges was shot and killed as she sat in her car at the intersection of 24th and Center in April. Now, a 20-year-old man has been charged in the case. Police say he’s the one who pulled the trigger. Life has gone on at the intersection of 24th and Center — but now, when MCTS Route 22 stops there, it drops off passengers at the memorial for Dricka Hodges. […]

  • Courtesy: Kenosha Area Fire Rescue Scanner

    It’s happened again! Vehicle collides with train in Pleasant Prairie, 28-year-old driver hurt

    PLEASANT PRAIRIE (WITI) — It has happened again! A vehicle collided with a train in Pleasant Prairie early Tuesday morning, July 8th. This is the second time in two weeks that this has happened at this railroad crossing in Pleasant Prairie. It’s a crossing local officials have complained about for years. The latest incident happened just after 4:30 a.m. when the vehicle, which was traveling southbound on 88th Ave., struck the train. The train was stopped at the time while it […]

  • 11th and Atkinson shooting

    Family members say 26-year-old man shot near 11th and Atkinson has died

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The family of a Milwaukee man shot over the holiday weekend says he has passed away. Richard Conn was shot in the head on Saturday, July 5th near 11th and Atkinson. The 26-year-old man’s family says Conn was kept on life support until Monday afternoon, July 7th so that doctors could harvest some of his organs for donation. Police say no arrests have been made in connection with this shooting. Conn’s family is now asking for anyone […]

  • lao buddhist temple fire

    Fire causes significant damage to Lao Buddhist temple on south side; miraculously, no one is hurt

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Fire broke out in a building that is sacred for hundreds of Milwaukee area families. It happened early Friday morning, July 4th at the Lao Buddhist Temple on Milwaukee’s south side. For more than 25 years, the temple at 20th and National has been a gathering place for Milwaukee’s Lao Buddhist community. While the fire caused significant damage, there were no injuries. Amazing, considering the fire broke out just several feet away from a sleeping monk. There is […]