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    CAST YOUR VOTE for this week’s Play of the Week

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The FOX6 Sports Blitz invites you to cast a vote for the Play of the Week. From the Packers to the Brewers, the Bucks to the Badgers… There are great feats of athleticism just about every day in Wisconsin. We want you to help us decide which was the most dramatic, the most incredible, the most jaw-dropping play you’ve seen this week. CAST YOUR VOTE in the poll below.

  • Blake Anderson proves that the game of golf is all about the approach

    Blake Anderson may be built a little differently, but he doesn’t consider his challenge a shortcoming.  This golfer proves that sometimes it’s all about the approach.  Blake Anderson is a FOX6 High School Hot Shot.   Name: Blake Anderson School: Homestead High School Sport: Golf

  • Alex Yost is just a freshman but he’s already a Champion

    Alex Yost just finished his Freshman year at Arrowhead High School but he’s already showing the maturity of an upperclassmen.  After winning the WIAA State Golf tournament with his teammates, Alex Yost may have a target on his back in the seasons to come.  Thing youngster is a FOX6 High School Hot Shot.   Name: Alex Yost School: Arrowhead High School Sport: Golf

  • Trevor Cho’s commitment to baseball will take him far

    If your school plays summer baseball instead of spring baseball, you’re on the diamond after the school year ends.  That takes commitment, especially if you’ve already graduated, but commitment is one of the big reasons that Homestead High School’s Trevor Cho will be continuing his career in college.  Trevor Cho is a FOX6 High School Hot Shot.   Name: Trevor Cho School:  Homestead High School Sport: Baseball Position: Shortstop

  • Bennett Knapek is a State Champion with a heart of gold

    Every year Bennett Knapek and his Arrowhead golf team play in a tournament to raise money for cancer research.  Before they hit the greens, their coach reminds them; they play so that others can live. In 2015 the Lake Country Charity Invitational brought in $75,000.  Next year will be the tenth year of the tournament and organizers believe they’ll eclipse the half million mark for dollars raised.  Hats off to this High School Hot Shot   Name: Bennett Knapek School: […]

  • The best is yet to come for soccer star Dani Rhodes

    Dani Rhodes just finished her junior year of high school; yet, she’s already the owner of numerous school records at Waukesha West.  She’s also the first at her school to win the Gatorade Player of the Year award.  Dani Rhodes is a FOX6 High School Hot Shot.   Name:  Dani Rhodes School:  Waukesha West High School Sport:  Soccer Position:  Striker

  • Strikeout Queen; Bella Matthias leads the area

    In Italian, the word ‘bella’ means beautiful.  If you know Greenfield’s Bella Matthias you know she pitches a beautiful game!  During the 2015 season she recorded more than a dozen shutouts and lead the Milwaukee area in strikeouts.  Matthias also helped bring the Hawks to the WIAA Sectional Semifinals.  While the team fell a little short, Bella knows the team will be back just as strong next season.   Name: Bella Matthias School: Greenfield High School Sport: Softball Position: Pitcher

  • James Bublitz; a golfer, a caddy, a singer?

    James Bublitz is shipping off to Madison for school and sports, but before he does he has the WIAA State golf Tournament.  Bublitz credits his grandfather for getting him involved with golf and the game has become a huge part of his life.  When James is not on the golf course, he likes to sing; although, he admits, he has more talent on the greens.   Name: James Bublitz School: Brown Deer High School Sport: Golf  

  • Fight for Breath: Gabby Falcone inspires on and off the field

    Playing soccer is a popular activity for many kids and teenagers, and most take that for granted.  Gabby Falcone, however, understands that each breath she takes is a gift.  The high school senior is living and playing with Cystic Fibrosis, a serious and life threatening lung disorder.   The Falcone family knows cystic fibrosis well.  Of the six children, four of them suffer with the disease.  And while Gabby functions with CF, she hopes to live for a cure.  While she knows […]

  • Quite the kicker: Mary Mansker makes a name for herself at Whitefish Bay Dominican

    Mary Mansker played on her varsity team for all four years of her high school career.   You can definitely say she succeeds on the pitch, but she also excels in the classroom.  Mary graduated as salutatorian.  For all of her accomplishments, Mary Mansker is a FOX6 High School Hot Shot   Name: Mary Mansker School: Whitefish Bay Dominican Sport: Soccer  

  • Major Goals, Owen Miller won’t stop until he gets to the top

    Owen Miller is a gifted baseball player.  He lives in Ozaukee, but travels to Racine every week to play for the highly touted Racine Hitters. Miller takes his game seriously.  He plans to play Major League Baseball one day and that’s not just a farfetched dream.  He’ll know where he’s playing after the MLB draft in June.  If he’s not drafted, Miller will play college ball at Illinois State.   Name: Owen Miller School: Ozaukee High School Sport: Baseball, Basketball […]

  • Let’s Go! Courtney Stack flips, tumbles and cheers to victory

    With a history of excellence, Heat Athletics dials up the competition for their cheerleaders and Courtney Stack proves it. The Wisconsin Lutheran junior led her team all the way to the semi-finals of the World Competition in Orlando, Florida. There is no doubt, Courtney is a Champion.   Name: Courtney Stack School: Wisconsin Lutheran Sport: Cheerleading Position: base


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