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I grew up in a family that believes there are no limits to what you can achieve. Education was a priority and college a necessity. I graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. When I changed my major to broadcasting I was told the field was too saturated. Getting a job in television would be tough. So what?

After graduating, My first job was as a country music disc jockey. Hey, it got my foot in the door. Nine months later, I was doing radio news reports and nine months after that I got my first television job as a morning anchor/reporter in Jackson, Tennessee. My career has taken me to Huntsville, Alabama and my current home of Milwaukee where I’m an anchor/reporter at Fox 6 News. I have been honored with several awards, including an Emmy nomination.

Being a southern girl, my friends still can’t believe I live in a city that gets wind chills of 25 below zero. But I’ve made the adjustment and Milwaukee is truly home. Plus, I enjoy what I do. And, I am blessed that so many people allow me in their homes every evening.

If you have a story you’d like us to cover, call me. And, thanks for taking the time to read my bio.

Recent Articles
  • ‘A great place to be:’ Brady St. firehouse reopens as new MFD Communications Center

    MILWAUKEE — It’s new, but familiar. The highly-revered Engine 6 firehouse is back open, but with a new purpose. In Dec. 2017, Engine Company 6 on Brady St. and Franklin Pl., an institution on the lower east side, was closed because of budget cuts. Neighbors were heartbroken. “If there was something that we could do to keep this firehouse open, every neighbor down here was willing to do so, but by the time we went to the meetings, it was […]

  • ‘Strangers believing in complete strangers:’ Underground railroad conductor’s descendant shares family story

    MILTON — Slavery is a dark reality of our nation’s history. But, Wisconsin was a premiere anti-slavery state in the 1800s and a place in Milton, Wisconsin played a major role in that history. It is a history brought to life by a descendant of an underground railroad conductor. The underground railroad offered an escaped to freedom. And, one of those stops on that journey was the hexagon-shaped Milton House, an inn that served as a stage-coach and railway hub. […]

  • Milton House Museum keeps rich history of underground railroad alive

    MILTON — As we celebrate Black History Month we highlight Wisconsin– being at the forefront of the anti-slavery movement. Milton House Museum, in Milton, Wisconsin, is one of the tangible proofs of that effort. Some slaves escaped on the underground railroad, taking temporary refuge at the hexagon-shaped Milton House from 1845 to the mid-1860s. By the early 1850s, Milton House was a bustling Inn, serving as the stage coach and railway hub of north east Rock County. Think of it as […]

  • 1st-of-its-kind training: Mayor Barrett announces MKE Trauma Response Initiative expansion

    MILWAUKEE — Mayor Tom Barrett on Thursday, Feb. 15 joined the City of Milwaukee Office of Violence Prevention, Milwaukee County Behavioral Health Division’s Mobile Crisis Team and Milwaukee Fire Department to announce the first-of-its-kind expansion of the City-County Trauma Response Initiative at a training of EMTs and firefighters. According to a news release, the training will be conducted with approximately 20 Milwaukee Fire Department leaders who will learn techniques to respond to injuries that could be potentially traumatic for children. The […]

  • ‘Losing their jobs:’ JCPenney closing distribution, customer care center, 670 impacted

    WAUWATOSA — JCPenney is closing its distribution and customer care center in Wauwatosa beginning this summer. Approximately 670 employees will be impacted by the closure. “Our hearts are going out to the people who are involved, the employees who are finding out they’re losing their jobs,” said Wauwatosa Mayor Kathy Ehley. The distribution center portion closes July 1, and the customer care portion closes Sept. 1. Mayor Ehley said she hopes unemployment for the workers will only be temporary. “For us, […]

  • 3 Milwaukee County Jail staffers charged in death of inmate Terrill Thomas

    MILWAUKEE — Three Milwaukee County Jail staffers have been charged in connection with the 2016 death of Terrill Thomas, who spent a week without water. The accused are Commander Nancy Evans, 48, Supervisor Kashka Meadors, 40 and Deputy James Ramsey-Guy, 38. The three accused face the following criminal charges: Obstructing an officer (Evans) Misconduct/office-act/inconsistent duty (Evans) Neglect of resident of penal facility (Meadors & Ramsey-Guy) Terrill Thomas, 38, was jailed in connection with a shooting inside the Potawatomi Hotel & […]

  • Proposed: New, modern state office building could be built in Milwaukee

    MILWAUKEE — After a half century, it is time to go. Governor Scott Walker announced on Friday, Feb. 9 plans for a newly located state building in Milwaukee. The governor wants the state offices to move out of the current building at 6th and Wells. A state lawmaker is also eyeing an opportunity to include the county in the plan. “This is probably not the best use of this land right here to have a state office building,” said Gov. […]

  • ‘They’re in crisis:’ Nonprofit offers structure, jobs, mentors for African-American boys, and it’s saving lives

    MILWAUKEE — Some might say the cards are stacked against African-American boys, but others are actively reshuffling the deck. One effort to meet the boys where they are and help them soar can be found in Operation Dream, a nonprofit mentoring program for Milwaukee boys from age 4 to 19. The younger boys meet every Saturday during the academic year starting at 8 a.m. The older boys also have summer activities. Rodney Bourrage, Operation Dream founder said the goal is […]

  • ‘Really special:’ Original artwork showcases nonprofits receiving support from Northwestern Mutual Foundation

    MILWAUKEE — The Northwestern Mutual Foundation is celebrating its 25th anniversary by highlighting the power of giving, showcasing original artwork at the Northwestern Mutual Tower and Commons that everyone can enjoy. “We have a history of supporting some overarching organizations in Milwaukee,” Lynn Heimbruch, assistant director of strategic philanthropy for the Northwestern Mutual Foundation said. “We decided to highlight their impact of 25 nonprofit partners by commissioning an original piece of art for each of those organizations to tell the story […]

  • Proposal to raise fine for leaving car running unattended fails, 13-2

    MILWAUKEE — A proposed ordinance that would have raised the fine for leaving your car running and unattended has failed on Tuesday morning, Feb. 6. When temperatures are in the single digits, some Milwaukee residents start the engine to warm up their vehicles, leaving them unlocked and unattended with keys inside. Alderman Terry Witkowski, says that is providing an opportunity for thieves, who use the vehicles to commit more crimes. “In District 2 and District 6, more than half the […]

  • Officials: Knife-wielding man faces charges for incident that led to MPD officer being shot

    MILWAUKEE — Charges have been filed in connection with a Jan. 18 incident in which a police officer and suspect were injured. The criminal complaint reveals why police encountered the suspect. It started with a call from a family member. Investigators say a cousin of Richard Cain, 48, called police to a residence they shared on South Hawley near Main St. According to the criminal complaint, the cousin “feared for his safety” stating that Cain was “armed with a screwdriver.” The […]

  • Dozens of high school girls get their hair clipped for a cause; “It is going to someone in need”

    MILWAUKEE — Lining up to have their hair chopped off, some high school students spent an afternoon getting a brand new “do” — all to help children in need. A stage at Divine Savior Holy Angels High School (DSHA) was transformed on Monday, Jan. 29 into a salon. “This year we have about a hundred girls donating,” said Megan McFadden, student coordinator for “GR8 LENGTHS.” Students at DSHA gathered to watch their classmates chop off their hair for a cause. “We […]