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I grew up in a family that believes there are no limits to what you can achieve. Education was a priority and college a necessity. I graduated from the University of Tennessee at Knoxville. When I changed my major to broadcasting I was told the field was too saturated. Getting a job in television would be tough. So what?

After graduating, My first job was as a country music disc jockey. Hey, it got my foot in the door. Nine months later, I was doing radio news reports and nine months after that I got my first television job as a morning anchor/reporter in Jackson, Tennessee. My career has taken me to Huntsville, Alabama and my current home of Milwaukee where I’m an anchor/reporter at Fox 6 News. I have been honored with several awards, including an Emmy nomination.

Being a southern girl, my friends still can’t believe I live in a city that gets wind chills of 25 below zero. But I’ve made the adjustment and Milwaukee is truly home. Plus, I enjoy what I do. And, I am blessed that so many people allow me in their homes every evening.

If you have a story you’d like us to cover, call me. And, thanks for taking the time to read my bio.

Recent Articles
  • “Scary:” Letter to parents in Whitefish Bay warns of stranger near school playground

    WHITEFISH BAY — An email sent to parents of some elementary school students has sparked alarm and prompted parental action. “It was kinda a little strange and a little scary,” Kavitha Ilayaraja said. Parents at Cumberland Elementary School in Whitefish Bay said they received an email from school officials Wednesday morning, indicating a man approached two students and attempted a conversation. It happened on the playground during the school’s Recreation Connects after-school care program. Jamil Owens got a little more […]

  • “We’ve got an issue:” Lawmaker wants to lift ban on red-light cameras in Milwaukee

    MILWAUKEE — Reckless driving in Milwaukee is a problem the state may be able to solve, according to a state legislator who’s pushing a bill to lift the ban on red-light cameras in the city. Reckless driving — sometimes with fatal consequences has become all-too-common on the streets of Milwaukee. Some Common Council members would like to install red-light cameras and automated speed enforcement systems at troublesome intersections — but they can’t. “This is something that is happening here that […]

  • “Get a job!” Popeyes employees chase robbery suspect, hold her until police arrive

    MILWAUKEE — The robberies targeting fast food restaurants seems to be on the uptick these days. Thursday, October 12th, one robber got much more than expected: employees did something their boss is telling them to never do again. The Popeye’s restaurant located near 29th and Capitol was robbed Wednesday, October 4th, but when a robber came the next week — October 12th — employees took matters into their own hands. “We were kind of busy at the time and she […]

  • 5 restaurants in 3 days: Man, woman arrested in stolen vehicle after string of armed robberies

    MILWAUKEE — Milwaukee police said two people were arrested in a stolen vehicle following a traffic stop Wednesday night, October 11th after an armed robbery at the Cousins Subs near Capitol and Fratney. According to police, they’re responsible for five armed robberies at restaurants in a three-day period. The Cousins armed robbery happened around 7:30 p.m. Police said two suspects, a 27-year-old man and 25-year-old woman, both from Milwaukee, displayed handguns and obtained money before fleeing the area. They were […]

  • Milwaukee man charged, accused of posting drug deals on Facebook Live

    MILWAUKEE —  A 20-year-old Milwaukee man is criminally charged after he was caught on camera selling marijuana — and officials found drugs and guns in his home. This, after he posted a 40-minute Facebook Live video of himself selling drugs out of a vehicle. Jeffery Kirk is facing the following charges: Manufacture/deliver THC (four counts) Possession of a firearm by adjudicated delinquent (four counts) According to the criminal complaint, on Sunday, September 10th, a Milwaukee police officer received a 40-minute video that  […]

  • Abandoning of I-94 East-West corridor project draws mixed reactions

    MILWAUKEE — Joy and disappointment. That’s the emotion on both sides over the scrapping of the plan to rebuild I-94 between the Stadium and Zoo Interchanges. People against the expansion are rejoicing — but a representative of the business community doesn’t feel the same. The battle has raged since the Wisconsin Department of Transportation proposed expanding the I-94 East-West corridor between the Zoo and Marquette Interchanges. A coalition of groups sued to stop the expansion. “We don’t need a massive expanded […]

  • “Peter is a gentle man:” She was attacked by her husband with a wrench, yet spoke on his behalf at sentencing

    WAUKESHA — It was a packed courtroom on Monday, October 9th for a former Waukesha County official accused of beating his wife with a wrench. 66-year-old Peter Slesar was accused and admitted to beating his wife in the head with a wrench more than a dozen times. He was later found not guilty by reason of mental disease or defect to attempted first degree intentional homicide. In court on Monday, there was a supportive audience. “It wasn’t Pete that committed that […]

  • Prosecutors seek 40 years in mental hospital for Morgan Geyser in Slenderman attack

    WAUKESHA — Wisconsin prosecutors want a 15-year-old girl to be confined in a mental hospital for 40 years after she pleaded guilty to stabbing a classmate in an attack aimed at impressing the fictional horror character Slenderman. Fifteen-year-old Morgan Geyser will be evaluated by a doctor by Nov. 13 before a judge schedules sentencing. Geyser and another girl, Anissa Weier, admitted carrying out the 2014 attack on a classmate in a Milwaukee-area park. Their classmate survived her wounds. All three […]

  • “It’s OK to be honest with them:” Experts offer advice on talking about mass shooting with kids

    MILWAUKEE — The mass shooting in Las Vegas and shootings in southeast Wisconsin can certainly stir up a lot of emotions. Experts say the impact is real — and can affect your day-to-day life. The worst mass shooting in U.S. history in Las Vegas at a music festival similar to those held in Milwaukee — and here at home, fatal and non-fatal shootings, gunshots, sirens. Rhonda Bomar said it just gets to be too much. Munther Barakat, a clinical psychologist […]

  • “You absolutely can save a life:” Doctors, nurses at Froedtert understand mass casualty scenarios

    MILWAUKEE — A gunman on the 32nd floor of a Las Vegas hotel-casino rained heavy fire down on a crowd of over 22,000 at an outdoor country music festival, turning the expanse into a killing field from which there was little escape. At least 58 people died and more than 500 were hurt. Many of the most critically injured as a result of the Las Vegas mass shooting were taken to a Level 1 trauma center. The doctors, nurses and tech at […]

  • Helping Dominica: Man with ties to the island nation does what he can to pitch in

    LISBON — The Caribbean has taken quite a hit this hurricane season — and some people in Milwaukee are helping one of the islands hardest hit by the most recent storm. The first major casualty of Hurricane Maria was the island of Dominica on Monday night. Stevenson Bellot was talking to his mom on the island in the Town of Scott’s Head when he heard something. “I heard that crashing sound and I said what happened. She said a pole […]

  • “Families have nothing:” Volunteers head to Texas, hope to ease emotional scars after hurricane

    MILWAUKEE — Hurricane Maria is just the latest storm affecting people this hurricane season. The devastating toll keeps mounting.  Fortunately, there are many people willing to answer the call. On Thursday, September 21st, FOX6 News caught up with another team from the Salvation Army headed for Texas — and the areas affected by Hurricane Harvey. The destruction of possessions is evident. But many people are also suffering from deep emotional scars. That is why the Salvation Army is sending a […]