I’m the Executive Producer of Digital Media for — and have been with FOX6 News for the past 24 years.

Actually this is only my second employer (I worked for Sentry Foods for 11 years in my high school, college and post college years too). Anyway, my time here makes me an old timer.

That said, there’s no truth to teaching an old dog new tricks. Before I began managing the web team in 2006, I was a newscast producer for 16 years — and I’ve done it all.

I began my producing stint with Mark Concannon, Roseann St. Aubin and Meteorologist Dana Tyler on FOX6 WakeUp News back in 1990. A couple of years later, I helped give birth to Milwaukee’s first weekend morning news — anchored by Jim Paschke, Joanne Williams, Scott Steele and Joe LaBarbera. After that, I ripped through every newscast FOX6 had to offer — weekends, weekdays, the midday news, the evening news. I finished up my producing tenure with eight years on FOX6 News at 10. I felt fortunate to be driving that newscast and working with Ted Perry, Joyce Garbaciak, Vince Condella and Tom Pipines. I learned from the best — and plan on sharing those journalistic tidbits with my cohorts down the road.

Back in 2006, the opportunity to manage the web team presented itself and I jumped at it. I wanted something new in my day; something that would challenge me. And this did it. Prior to August 2006, I didn’t know an html from an xml or a .jpg from .gif (don’t feel bad if you don’t know the difference). That’s all changed now.

Feel free to get in touch with the web team if you have questions. If we can’t answer them, we’ll get answers from someone who has them.

Recent Articles
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    Sink your teeth into Key Lime Pie and other John Vanderlinde recipes

    MILWAUKEE — You’ve seen him on Studio A plenty of times. Now you can recreate his recipes because he has his own cookbook coming out. Food enthusiast John Vanderlinde joined the Studio A team with a great recipe for Key Lime Pie. Recipe: John Kelly’s Key Lime Pie

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    Local matchmaker offers tips for those falling in love over the phone

    MILWAUKEE — Falling in love over the phone? With dating sites and apps like Tinder, it is a lot more common to just pick up the phone and text a date. But are you texting the wrong thing? Julie Amann, local matchmaker with It’s Just Lunch, joined the Studio A team with some answers.

  • metabolism

    What you are doing, not doing could cause your metabolism to slow down

    MILWAUKEE — The things you’re doing or not doing every day could be causing your metabolism to slow down. Tatiana Castellino, registered dietitian with Roundy’s Supermarkets, joined the Studio A team to explain. SKIPPING BREAKFAST Think of your metabolism as a fire – without fuel, it doesn’t burn. Start your day off by ‘breaking the fast’ and getting your metabolism woken up Incorporate protein to help do this Eggs, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese, milk Within 15 – 60 minutes of […]

  • herbs

    Grow your own herb garden with a little help from Melinda Myers

    MILWAUKEE — Instead of buying parsley and chives at the garden store, grow your own herb garden. Gardening expert Melinda Myers joined the Studio A team with tips. About Melinda Myers (from website) Nationally known gardening expert, TV/radio host, author & columnist Melinda Myers has over 30 years of horticulture experience and has written over 20 gardening books, including Can’t Miss Small Space Gardening, the Midwest Gardener’s Handbook, and Jackson and Perkins’ Beautiful Roses Made Easy: Midwestern Edition. She hosts […]

  • fashion

    Summer styles as shared by the owner of Rochelle’s Fashion Boutique

    MILWAUKEE — It’s a local business that caters to all shapes and sizes. Rochelle Evans, owner of Rochelle’s Fashion Boutique, joined the Studio A team with some summer styles. About Rochelle’s Fashion Boutique Rochelle’s Fashion Boutique is a ladies boutique for Plus and Junior size, that has started in a small store front that has been established March 1, 2008 in Milwaukee. Rochelle’s Fashion Boutique has dressed thousands of ladies all over Milwaukee and other cities. They cater to all shapes […]

  • road-trip2

    Just in time for the summer travel season: Tips on organizing your vehicle

    MILWAUKEE — Get your ride ready for summer. Maureen Fitzgerald, the woman behind the blog, “Wisconsin Mommy,” joined the Studio A team with some tips on organizing your vehicle. About Wisconsin Mommy (from website) Maureen, aka Wisconsin Mommy, resides just outside of Milwaukee where she lives with her husband, son, and  rescue dog, Roofus who is fast becoming the most spoiled member of the family. Maureen is a former elementary teacher who decided to stay home when her son was born in 2004. She spent many […]

  • WEBmoney

    Tips on tipping: Financial expert from Drake & Associates offers up a gratuity guide

    MILWAUKEE — Tipping can be tricky. From servers to stylists, baristas and bartenders — who should we tip and how much? Financial expert Nick Foulks from Drake & Associates joined the Studio A team with a gratuity guide.  

  • Great gift ideas for graduates with a little help from Brookfield Square

    Great gift ideas for graduates with a little help from Brookfield Square

    BROOKFIELD — With school out and kids heading off to college, you might have some graduation parties lined up. Tiffany Schultz with Brookfield Square joined the Studio A team with some gifts for recent grads. Graduate gift ideas Elementary school: Cool new backpack, colorful socks, hair accessories, new hat High school: College must haves including warm cozy throw, write on/wipe off boards, collapsible storage items College grad: Luxurious leather business card holder; `messenger` bag; leather portfolio; designer fragrance; monogrammed tote

  • Just in time for Summerfest: Festival fashion ideas from blogger Pamela Kieck

    Just in time for Summerfest: Festival fashion ideas from blogger Pamela Kieck

    MILWAUKEE — Summerfest is already next week. Pamela Kieck, the woman behind the blog “It’s Pamela Kieck,” joined the Studio A team with some festival fashion ideas. About Pamela Kieck (from website) Pamela Kieck has always had an intense interest in style and fashion. After studying fashion merchandising at the University of Wisconsin Stout for a brief time , she began working behind the scenes at fashion events in Milwaukee and Chicago to learn more about the industry. In 2012, […]

  • fox6now_links-DG2_770x443

    June 19

    Boerner Botanical Gardens Lakefront Festival of Art, Milwaukee Bill Rotter — Breast Cancer Blog Adaptive Driving Specialists Tickets for 2017 U.S. Open at Erin Hills Golf Course

  • Blitz_PoW_770x433

    CAST YOUR VOTE for this week’s Play of the Week

    MILWAUKEE — The FOX6 Sports Blitz invites you to cast a vote for the Play of the Week. From the Packers to the Brewers, the Bucks to the Badgers… There are great feats of athleticism just about every day in Wisconsin. We want you to help us decide which was the most dramatic, the most incredible, the most jaw-dropping play you’ve seen this week. CAST YOUR VOTE in the poll below.

  • promo290608309

    June 19, 2016

    Look who’s turning six years old on Sunday, June 19th.


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