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Well hello there! Ah the bio page – one of the first steps in getting to know some of us TV peeps.

I started with Fox6 September 2011 as the station’s second-ever multimedia journalist. It’s a fancy title that basically means I do it all. Formerly known as a “one man band” you’d see me in and around the Milwaukee area hauling both a camera and a notepad as I performed the duties of photographer and reporter. You may think I harbored some animosity over having to do “two” jobs at once but I wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Of course now things have changed and I've shed that role at Fox6 to move on over to the Real Milwaukee team. As the newest Roving Reporter I consider myself the luckiest person at the station. The job of showing off our great city (and beyond!) in a fun, live and interactive way is truly a dream come true. Ever since I fell into this biz I've been striding to reach a position like this. Now it's time to just be me -- hope you enjoy the ride ;)

Prior to my Fox6 arrival I worked for nearly two years at 23 News -- the CBS affiliate in Rockford, IL. There I developed and sharpened my solo act skills while pounding the pavement of the Forest City and nearby Freeport.

I got my official start in the Windy City as a morning show writer at WGN-TV. 2am to 10am Monday through Friday may SEEM like a brutal shift… but getting to meet the famous types and work with such a fun staff were well worth the odd hours.

“Enough of the work history what about the REAL Chip Brewster?” Fair enough.

I was born in San Diego, CA though you would never guess it by talking to me. When I was about four I moved to Illinois with my mom and sister where the real child-rearing took place. For this I consider myself a true Midwestern boy despite the West Coast beginnings. My hometown is just over the state border in little ol’ Lake Zurich.

Met my now wife while attending Lake Zurich High School (LZHS) where we began dating and continued on through college into real life and marriage.

After 5 years in the Illinois Army National Guard I am now a sergeant in the Army Reserve where I play saxophone with the 484th Army Band based right here in Milwaukee. That transitions nicely into my love for music. Saxophone is without a doubt my primary instrument but I also have a passion for drum set and drum line, piano, guitar and I dabble on flute and clarinet... DABBLE. You'll likely never see me jammin' on a flute.

While music and TV take up the majority of my time those moments where I can get away I love to be outdoors. My number one, top, favorite, hands down, no doubt about it activity involves a lot of snow and a large mountain… skiing. Beyond that really anything that involves fresh air and sunshine I am up for – running, biking, swimming, sports of all kinds, boating, etc.

Part of my outdoor enjoyment comes from riding my motorcycle and competing in challenge runs (also known as mud or fun runs). I’ve had the pleasure of partaking in the Tough Mudder, Warrior Dash and Men’s Health Urbanathlon… to name a few.

Finally I would be remiss if I didn’t thank my professors at Illinois State University for helping to make me into the "reporter" I am today (LTP and BC). Go Redbirds!

Thanks for checking out my bio page - hope to see you around Wisconsin!

(If you'd like to connect with me you can find me on facebook, twitter, google plus, tumblr, instagram, pinterest... probably easier to just search "Chip Brewster" on whatever you use....)

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