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    Family buries third child, lost to rare form of brain cancer: “I am sick of it”

    BONITA SPRINGS, Florida — A Florida family is remembering another child whose life was taken too soon. Ten-year-old Isabella Mading died on Saturday, February 6th after her year-long battle with a rare form of brain cancer — the same disease that killed her older brother in 2010 and her older sister 2013. Their mother is fighting for a cure and wants to help other families in their battle against childhood cancer. “I am sick of it. I am sick of […]

  • Titanic II rendering

    Titanic II: Exact replica of ill-fated ship will set sail in 2018

    Don’t book your tickets for the Titanic II just yet. A spokesman for Australian tycoon Clive Palmer told the Belfast Telegraph that the project to bring an exact replica of the original ill-fated ship has been pushed back from 2016 to 2018. The new ship will be practically identical to the original luxury liner, which famously sank in April 1912 after striking an iceberg on its maiden voyage. The only difference will be that the Titanic II will be wider, […]

  • Mohan (left) and Baha (right)

    Mating attempt gone wrong: Female tiger attacked and killed at Sacramento Zoo

    SACRAMENTO, California — Even for tigers, mating is no easy game. A female tiger from California’s Sacramento Zoo died Wednesday, February 10th after a male tiger attacked her in a mating attempt gone horribly wrong. Mohan was sent to Sacramento in December from the Memphis Zoo to mate with the female tiger, Baha. “The Zoo’s male tiger, Mohan, became aggressive with Baha during a physical introduction,” the zoo said in a statement. It marked the first physical meeting of the […]

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    Oregon standoff: All occupiers surrender; Cliven Bundy arrested

    HARNEY COUNTY, Oregon — A 41-day occupation at a federal wildlife refuge in Oregon ended Thursday when the four remaining protesters surrendered to authorities, according to a live-streamed phone call transmitted from the scene. For a moment, the surrender took a dramatic turn when the last holdout refused to follow the other three and continued the standoff at the Malheur National Wildlife Refuge’s headquarters in Harney County. David Fry contended his grievances against the federal government hadn’t been addressed, but he […]

  • U.S. Capitol

    U.S. Senate votes to ban taxes on Internet access

    WASHINGTON — The Senate voted Thursday to bar permanently state and local governments from taxing access to the Internet, something Congress has prevented repeatedly before but only on a temporary basis. It passed 75-20 as part of a customs enforcement measure that already cleared the House and will now go to President Barack Obama for his expected signature. Some of the no votes were directed at the underlying customs bill, a trade measure opposed by many Democrats. Not included in the […]

  • Scientists are expected to declare they have detected gravitational waves, which would support a prediction essential to Albert Einstein's general theory of relativity.

    Gravitational waves open ‘a window on the universe,’ scientists say

    Just over 100 years after he published his general theory of relativity, scientists have found what Albert Einstein predicted as part of the theory: gravitational waves. “We have detected gravitational waves. We did it,” said David Reitze, executive director of LIGO, the Laser Interferometer Gravitational-Wave Observatory, which was created to do just what Reitze announced. Reitze made the announcement Thursday at the National Press Club in Washington surrounded by other LIGO researchers and National Science Foundation head France Cordova. The […]

  • Hillary Clinton testifies at the Benghazi hearing on Capitol Hill.

    Judge: State must release remaining Clinton emails on rolling basis

    WASHINGTON — A federal judge has ordered the State Department to release Hillary Clinton’s remaining work-related emails in four installments over the next three weeks. The order by Judge Rudolph Contreras comes just hours after the State Department proposed releasing the emails in two batches — one on February 13th and another on February 29th. Contreras accepted those release dates, but insisted the agency also produce emails by close of business on February 19th and 26th, adding the State Department should […]

  • Ivonne Trinidad learned she was pregnant after noticing her heart rate was elevated on her Fitbit.

    Husband notices wife’s Fitbit was acting funny — and they were shocked to find out why

    A New York husband was stumped as why his wife’s Fitbit was acting funny. David Trinidad noticed that the month old fitness tracker his wife, Ivonne Trinidad, was wearing was registering an elevated heart rate. After seeing high rate readings, David, 34-year-old sales manager at a staffing agency, turned to the social aggregating site Reddit for answers on Friday. “My wife’s Fitbit is showing her heartbeat being consistently high over the last few days… I’m not sure if something is […]

  • An illustration depicting falling oil prices.

    Crash in oil prices continues to ruin your portfolio

    NEW YORK — U.S. stocks took another punch to the gut on Thursday as investors freak out over oil diving back below $27 a barrel. The Dow dropped 375 points, while the S&P 500 lost 2%. The Nasdaq is off 1.7%, putting the tech-heavy index closer to its first bear market since the Great Recession. The latest selloff reflects how anxious investors remain over the slowdown in global growth and the health of large European banks. “There’s a broad-based lack of […]

  • wgn_3ad4865efcffa23d9ec294abd5010511-480x270_750k-1-thumb2

    Mystery surrounds killings of 6 Chicago family members in their home

    CHICAGO — Five family members, including a 10-year-old girl and 13-year-old boy, bludgeoned or stabbed to death. One more shot dead. And so, so many questions. That’s what Chicago authorities, not to mention friends and relatives of the victims, have said nearly a week after police found all six bodies inside a brick bungalow in the Illinois city. “We are not ruling anything out or anything in at this point,” Chief of Detectives Gene Roy said. Detectives on Wednesday went […]

  • Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton at the CNN Democratic Debate at the Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, Tuesday, October 13, 2015.

    5 things to watch: Thursday’s Democratic debate

    Hillary Clinton built one of the best-organized campaigns in history — and so far, she has one narrow win and one blowout loss to show for it. Now that Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders has proven he’s a serious threat to Clinton’s bid for the Democratic presidential nomination, the race could get even thornier Thursday night when the two meet for their next debate in Milwaukee. Here are five things to watch: The race about race Clinton’s first post-New Hampshire move […]

  • Hillary Clinton

    State Department offers to release some Hillary Clinton emails on Saturday

    The State Department has offered to release some of Hillary Clinton’s remaining emails on Saturday, after a federal judge admonished them for continued delays. Under the new proposal, the State Department would release 550 emails this weekend, out of the approximately 3,700 that remain. Judge Rudolph Contreras, who ordered the State Department to release Clinton’s emails in monthly installments last spring as part of a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit, warned the agency at a hearing on Tuesday that it […]


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