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  • earthquake 770x433

    7.7-magnitude quake strikes Mariana Islands in Pacific Ocean

    MARIANA ISLANDS — A 7.7-magnitude earthquake has struck the Mariana Islands in the Pacific Ocean. The quake occurred at a depth of 117 miles (212 kilometers) some 19 miles south-southwest of the uninhabited island of Agrihan in the U.S. territory, the U.S. Geological Survey said. No tsunami warning has been issued, according to the National Tsunami Warning Center. The Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands lies about 5,800 miles south-southwest from California’s Pacific shore.

  • Philandro Castile

    Philando Castile shooting: Outside attorney to help decide on charges

    A Minnesota prosecutor said Friday he has appointed an outside attorney to help him decide whether to pursue criminal charges in the July 6 shooting death of a black man by a police officer. Ramsey County chief prosecutor John Choi told reporters that he will bring in Don Lewis, a private attorney and former federal criminal prosecutor, to join his office’s deliberations on whether to file charges in the death of Philando Castile outright or delegate the decision to a […]

  • 160728195858-jeanne-moos-riding-suitcase-exlarge-tease

    Modobag: Motorized luggage you can ride one

    WASHINGTON — Getting around an airport may never be the same. A Chicago businessman is selling a rideable carry-on bag. Rather than pulling your luggage from terminal to terminal, travelers can sit on the Modobag and reach speeds up to 8 mph thanks to an electric motor. “We’re not trying to make anyone lazy,” said Kevin O’Donnell, the founder of Modobag. “It’s about life efficiency.” He’s selling the bag for about $1,000 during an Indiegogo campaign. It’s small enough to […]

  • Corporal Patrick Ray, 30, saved 2-year-old Bexley's life a year ago. They celebrated that fateful day a year later with a tea party.

    Adorable! Little girl has tea party with officer who saved her life

    ROWLETT, Texas — This is the cutest thing you’ll see all day — maybe even all week. A fully uniformed police officer sitting in a tiny chair, at a tiny table, with a tiny girl — having a tea party. Corporal Patrick Ray, 30, saved 2-year-old Bexley’s life a year ago when she choked on a coin at her home in Rowlett, Texas. “Her lips were completely blue,” her mother, Tammy Norvell, 41, told CNN. She called 911, and Ray […]

  • Elephant

    Elephant kills 7-year-old girl with stone at Moroccan zoo

    A 7-year-old Moroccan girl has died after a zoo elephant threw a rock at her. Managers at the zoo in the capital of Rabat confirmed the details in a press statement. The girl died a few hours after being transferred to hospital. Video shot by a zoo visitor shows a number of people huddled around the girl and holding her head, which was flowing with blood, while waiting for the ambulance to arrive. The park management said the girl had […]

  • Powerball Logo

    What not to do when you win the Powerball this weekend

    $478 million! That’s the amount of the current Powerball Jackpot for Saturday’s drawing. Go ahead, dream about what you would do with it. Private island, maybe? Your own Dairy Queen franchise? Choose carefully, because unscrupulous spending is a common plague among the tout nouveau riche. If you do win a big chunk of cash, you can probably afford to hire someone smart to make decisions for you. Until then, you can just read about these cautionary tales for free. Don’t […]

  • San Diego police officer killed; second injured

    San Diego police shooting: 1 officer killed, 1 injured

    The San Diego police officer killed in Thursday night’s shooting has been identified as Jonathan “JD” DeGuzman, 43, a 16-year department veteran, police Chief Shelley Zimmerman said Friday at a news conference. The wounded officer is Wade Irwin, 32, a nine-year veteran who is in serious condition but is expected to survive, Zimmerman said. Police have surrounded a house that may hold a potential second suspect in the shooting, Zimmerman said. She declined to name the first suspect, only saying […]

  • smile1

    Hawaiian volcano ‘smiles’ as lava reaches the ocean

    That is one hot emoji! The Big Island of Hawaii is getting a little bigger as lava from the Kilauea Volcano flows into the Pacific Ocean – and the volcano seems to be happy about it. Aerial footage from Paradise Helicopters shows the volcano appear to form a giant smiley face as it pumps out lava for its journey to the sea. The 6.5 mile-long lava flow has been dribbling down the south flank of Kilauea since May, according to […]

  • Players of Pokemon Go are finding critters everywhere, including some places that are considered to be hallowed ground and inappropriate for gaming.

    British Pokemon Go player says catching ’em all shed pounds

    LONDON — Catching ’em all is the Pokemon Go player’s goal, but in doing so one British man claims to have lost something — more than 12 kilograms (28 pounds) in weight. In his quest to catch the 142 Pokemon creatures available in the UK, 32-year-old business owner Sam Clark says he walked 141 miles (227 kilometers) in 20 days, the equivalent of five marathons. Clark, who is married with four children, said his weight dropped from 140 kilograms to […]

  • Pope Francis walks through the entrance of the former Nazi death camp of Auschwitz on July 29, 2016 in Oswiecim as part of his visit to the World Youth Days (WYD). Pope Francis is in Poland for an international Catholic youth festival with a mission to encourage openness to migrants. / AFP / JANEK SKARZYNSKI

    Pope Francis makes historic visit to Auschwitz concentration camp

    POLAND — Pope Francis made a historic visit Friday to Auschwitz-Birkenau, the notorious former German Nazi concentration camp in Poland, to pay tribute to the more than 1 million people, mostly Jews, who lost their lives there in the Holocaust. The Pope arrived early Friday for his first trip to Auschwitz and sat alone for some time by a tree in solemn reflection. He was surrounded by piles of rubble — destroyed gas chambers once used to put Jews to […]

  • Graphic showing a beer bottle with a Bud Light and Miller label to reflect the Anheuser-Busch InBev, SABMiller merger.

    Bud-Miller $105 billion deal is back on track

    LONDON — Cheers! It looks like the Bud-Miller mega merger is finally going to happen. It’s been nearly a year in the making but the biggest ever beer deal cleared its last major hurdles Friday as SABMiller’s board accepted an improved £79 billion ($105 billion) takeover offer from Anheuser-Busch InBev. Regulators in China also gave the deal the thumbs up. AB InBev, the self-proclaimed King of Beers, was forced to sweeten its bid because of the slump in the value […]

  • New information

    East Cleveland, Ohio, mayor: 2 officers fired, could face charges

    Two police officers in East Cleveland, Ohio, are out of a job after a robbery suspect alleged they beat him up and pushed him down a cliff after arresting him. Police fired the officers, and the case has been referred to the Ohio Bureau of Investigation, Mayor Gary Norton said. He declined to provide details about the alleged misconduct but said the officers could face a range of charges, including police brutality, kidnapping and assault. “We are not dealing with […]


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