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  • Shooting at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, north of Seattle.

    Sources: 2 dead, including gunman, at high school just north of Seattle

    (CNN) — The gunman who opened fire Friday morning at Marysville-Pilchuck High School, just north of Seattle, shot five people, killing one, before turning the gun on himself, law enforcement officials told CNN. Authorities “are confident that there is only one single shooter,” Marysville police spokesman Robb Lamoureux told reporters. The shooter — a student at the school — and another person are dead, he said. Two federal law enforcement sources with knowledge of the investigation told CNN that four […]

  • The latest

    Exploding airbags: Recall could expand, already 8 million vehicles affected

    NEW YORK (CNNMoney) — More cars could soon join the list of recalls over exploding airbags, a senior administration official told CNN Friday. Until now the nearly 8 million vehicles under recall have been concentrated in warmer states with humid climates, but there is increasing pressure to expand efforts nationwide. The recall started last year, and it expanded earlier this year. The issue gained increasing attention earlier this month as Toyota and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration stepped efforts […]

  • s038977791-300

    THE LATEST: ‘Rookie cops’ recovering after hatchet attack

    NEW YORK (CNN) — A New York City police officer remains in critical condition at a Queens hospital Friday, one day after suffering a hatchet wound to the head. Officer Kenneth Healey and three on-duty colleagues were posing for a picture on the sidewalk Thursday afternoon when a hatchet-wielding man charged at them “unprovoked,” according Police Commissioner Bill Bratton. The suspect, identified as Zale H. Thompson, was hiding behind a bus shelter as if he was waiting to attack the […]

  • Nina Pham

    What will nurse do after beating Ebola? Hug her dog, of course

    (CNN) — Nina Pham was the first person to catch Ebola on U.S. soil, and now, 13 days after testing positive, she has been declared free of the deadly disease. Her first order of business will be to hug her dog, Bentley, she said Friday. She invoked God and science in expressing gratitude for her ongoing recovery from a disease that has no established cure. “I feel fortunate and blessed to be standing here today,” she said. “Throughout this ordeal, […]

  • hannah-graham

    Man calls Hannah Graham tip line after sighting ’20-30 buzzards’ on abandoned property

    ALBEMARLE COUNTY, Va. (CNN) — Landscaper Bobby Pugh was driving to a job site on September 30th when he spotted an unusual amount of buzzards on an abandoned piece of property. “There was buzzards on the rooftop. As well as in a tree on the back left corner of the property. Not a normal amount. 20 or 30 at least,” Pugh said. Pugh, shaken by he saw, decided he needed to do something. “About an hour later, in the back […]

  • Brits may get paid for losing weight

    ‘Pounds for pounds:’ Brits may get paid for losing weight

    LONDON (CNNMoney) — Overweight Brits may soon find that shedding extra pounds would benefit their wallets as well as their waistlines. The UK public health service, the NHS, wants to encourage companies to reward employees who lose excess weight and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dubbed the ‘pounds for pounds’ program by Britain’s biggest-selling newspaper The Sun, the initiative is part of a plan to tackle an NHS funding shortfall that is forecast to hit £30 billion ($48 billion) by 2020. […]

  • Mama June and Mark McDaniel (Credit: TMZ)

    “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” CANCELED following disturbing report

    (CNN) — TLC’s “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” is reportedly ending its run. TMZ says TLC has canceled the series in light of claims that the program’s newly separated matriarch, June “Mama June” Shannon, is dating Mark Anthony McDaniel, a man who served 10 years in prison after being convicted of aggravated child molestation in 2004 and who is a registered sex offender. Shannon denied those claims in a statement posted to the personal Facebook page of daughter Alana “Honey […]

  • facebook

    Facebook wants to bring back the anonymous chatroom

    (CNN) — Remember in the late ’90s when you would kill time in AOL and IRC chatrooms or post on Usenet? You’d strike up conversations with strangers about subjects you were all interested in, say “The X-Files,” container gardening or The Fugees. Facebook wants to bring some of that community back with a fun new iOS app called Rooms. The free app, released on Thursday, lets you create or join chatrooms based on shared interests. Start a “room” for “Law […]

  • stress

    ‘I caught a plane by accident': Survey reveals most ridiculous excuses for missing work

    (CNN) — Had a big night out? Don’t fancy leaving a cozy bed for the cold outdoors? Having a Ferris Bueller moment? We may not all admit it but surely everyone has done it: called in to work sick when we’re actually feeling fine. The challenge for playing hooky is always coming up with a credible excuse. But according to a survey for the online career site, while honesty may be lacking, inventiveness is not. According to its survey, […]

  • Bellevue Hospital

    From Guinea to the U.S.: Timeline of first Ebola patient in New York City

    (CNN) — A doctor who recently returned from Guinea has tested positive for Ebola — the first case of the deadly virus in New York City. Here is a timeline of Craig Spencer’s movements since he got back from the West African nation: When did he return from Guinea? Spencer came back to the United States last week after treating Ebola patients in Guinea, where he worked for Doctors Without Borders. He completed his work in Guinea on October 12 […]

  • Man charges at New York police officers with hatchet

    NEW YORK (CNN) — A man charged at four New York police officers with a metal hatchet Thursday, hitting two of them at a time of high alert for authorities concerned they might be targeted in the United States and Canada.  The suspect was hiding behind a bus shelter as if he was waiting to attack the officers, according to a law enforcement official, who said it almost appeared as if he was stalking them. The officers were posing for […]

  • Courtesy: Bill W. (Austin, TX)

    Moon blotted out some of the sun during Thursday’s partial solar eclipse

    (CNN) — Maybe your mother told you it’s not polite to stare. It wasn’t safe either, NASA said, for those who looked at Thursday’s partial solar eclipse. “Don’t stare,” NASA said. “Even at maximum eclipse, a sliver of sun peeking out from behind the Moon can still cause pain and eye damage. Direct viewing should only be attempted with the aid of a safe solar filter.” The show in the sky reached its height at 5:45 p.m. ET, NASA said, […]


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