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  • Umpqua Community College shooting

    Survivor says those killed at Oregon college included woman in a wheelchair who had service dog

    ROSEBURG, Oregon — He showed no mercy. He ordered his victims to the ground and shot them even if they complied. He asked them their religion but shot them no matter the answer. He even shot a woman in a wheelchair. The description of the shooting that left nine dead at Umpqua Community College in Oregon came from one of the survivors, a woman who was shot in the hand. The mother of another survivor said the shooter spared her son […]

  • Matt Damon in "The Martian"

    “The Martian” blasts off to near record box office opening, pulling in $55 million

    MILWAUKEE — “The Martian” blasted off to near record numbers this weekend with an estimated box office opening of $55 million in the U.S. The Matt Damon-led space thriller is just short of another film about astronauts lost in space, “Gravity,” which holds the record for biggest October opening with a $55.7 million debut in 2013. When final box office numbers come in on Monday, however, there’s a chance that 20th Century Fox’s “Martian” could take the record outright. Critical […]

  • 151001184628-russia-airstrikes-in-syria-aircrafts-planes-helicopters-russian-warplanes-00002229-exlarge-tease

    Russia intensifying airstrikes in Syria, targeting ISIS and “other terrorist groups”

    SYRIA — Russia is intensifying its airstrikes in Syria, which it says have “considerably reduced” the combat potential of militants. The Russian air force began strikes in Syria on Wednesday. In the past 24 hours, it has carried out 20 flights targeting 10 ISIS positions in Idlib province, the Russian Defense Ministry announced in a statement Sunday. Since 2011, Syria has been torn apart by a brutal civil war that has seen the rise of extremist groups including ISIS. Moscow […]

  • flood1

    “It’s not over:” South Carolina governor calls deluge a ‘thousand-year’ event

    CHARLESTON, South Carolina — South Carolina Gov. Nikki Haley didn’t mince any words Sunday about just how dangerous a situation the weather — which was blamed for five deaths in the state by Sunday night — had become in her state. “We are at a 1,000-year level of rain,” Haley said at an afternoon news conference. “That’s how big this is.” It wasn’t hyperbole. Since weather records don’t go back far enough to know if it’s rained this much in South […]

  • Guatemala

    More than 100 people dead after landslide in Guatemala; dozens of homes engulfed

    GUATEMALA — The gangly arms of four backhoes dug through a mound of sandy soil that had buried many of the residents of El Cambray alive in a landslide. Carefully, the diggers turned up sheet metal roofs, broken walls and the bodies of people trapped in the dirt bulging over much of the Guatemalan village. By early Sunday, they had recovered nearly 90 bodies of people who died after the side of a towering hill broke loose suddenly and crashed down […]

  • El Faro

    “We are hopeful:” Coast Guard finds 225-square-mile debris field in search for El Faro

    MIAMI — The U.S. Coast Guard reported Sunday evening that it had discovered a 225-square-mile debris field in the Caribbean Sea during its search for missing container ship El Faro. The Jacksonville, Florida-based El Faro, which was carrying a crew of 28 Americans and five Polish nationals on its way to San Juan, Puerto Rico, went missing near the Bahamas last week as Hurricane Joaquin, with winds blowing at 130 mph, passed over the archipelago. Sunday’s discovery of the debris field, […]

  • LinkedIn

    LinkedIn must pay $13 million to settle lawsuit regarding unwanted emails

    MILWAUKEE — Sending too many emails can be costly. LinkedIn is finding this out the hard way. The social networking site agreed to pay $13 million to settle a lawsuit from members who complained that unwanted emails were sent out on their behalf. LinkedIn emailed users Friday, October 2nd informing them of the class action settlement. As part of the settlement, LinkedIn agreed to tell members that two email reminders may be sent to each requested connection. By next year, users […]

  • Peeple

    “I’ve received death threats:” Peeple co-founder pushes back against backlash over app

    MILWAUKEE — A creator of Peeple, the app that would let users rate one another, addressed the viral backlash against her plans Sunday, October 4th in a post on LinkedIn. The project has been the target of widespread criticism over concerns it will prompt bullying and harassment. “The question I received the most is ‘This must be a hoax. You’re not seriously going to create this are you?’ The answer is: It’s real but not in the way it’s currently […]

  • Ian Mercer

    Father of Oregon shooter: “Somebody has to ask the question: How is it so easy to get all these guns?”

    ROSEBURG, Oregon — The father of the Roseburg, Oregon, shooter said he doesn’t know where his son got his weapons, and he declined to comment much on his son’s mental state, but he was quick to say what he thought was to blame in the deadly college attack: Guns. Ian Mercer, during an interview outside his California home Saturday, told CNN that he didn’t know his son had a single gun, let alone 13. He asked, “How on earth could […]

  • McGraw-Hill World Geography complaint

    “We can do better:” McGraw-Hill to rewrite textbook after mom’s complaint

    HOUSTON — Textbook publisher McGraw-Hill will rewrite a section in one of its books after a Houston-area mother complained that it whitewashes the role of slavery in bringing Africans to America. Roni Dean-Burren took to Facebook last week to vent her frustration over the wording of a passage in her son’s “World Geography” textbook that calls African slaves “workers” and “immigrants.” “The Atlantic slave trade brought millions of workers … notice the nuanced language there. Workers implies wages … yes?” […]

  • Brooklyn explosion

    Gas explosion leaves one dead, 10 hurt in Brooklyn

    BROOKLYN — A gas explosion on Saturday afternoon, October 3rd left one person dead and 10 others injured in the Borough Park neighborhood of Brooklyn, officials said. Firefighters responded within three minutes and were able to evacuate residents of surrounding buildings, according to Mayor Bill de Blasio. As of early Saturday evening, a fire was under control but still smoldering. FDNY Commissioner Daniel Nigro said that the preliminary cause of the explosion had been traced to a stove exchange on […]

  • New Smyrna Beach shark attack

    14-year-old surfer able to repel shark with punch: “It only bit him one time!”

    VOLUSIA COUNTY, Florida — A blacktip shark bit a teenager at a Volusia County, Florida, beach Sunday, local officials told CNN. The 14-year-old boy was surfing with four friends at New Smyrna Beach and paddling out when he encountered the 4- or 5-foot-long blacktip shark, a species common in the area, Volusia County Beach Safety spokesman Capt. Aaron Jenkins said. The shark bit the teen “on the left hand and he punched it away and it only bit him one […]


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