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  • Minor league team cuts outfielder after domestic violence video released; case dismissed

    Warning: This story contains graphic surveillance video. Viewer discretion is advised. CORPUS CHRISTI, Texas — A Pennsylvania minor league baseball team has cut an outfielder after a Texas police department released graphic video of a domestic violence incident for which the player completed a probationary sentence. The incident happened in August 2016 at Whataburger Field — home of the Corpus Christi Hooks minor league team. At the time, Danry Vasquez, 24, was arrested and charged for the assault, but the […]

  • Survey: Half of American adults admit to regularly shopping while drunk

    MILWAUKEE — America has a billion-dollar drunk shopping problem. Nearly half of American adults admit to regularly shopping while drunk. Americans spent an average of $448 per person on drunk purchases in 2017. That’s nearly double what they did in 2016. This, according to a new survey of 2,000 adults from shopping comparison site Finder.com. Men are responsible for more drunk spending than women: $564 vs. $282. Generation X spent the most on drunk purchases, averaging $738 in 2017, more […]

  • Babies who look like their fathers tend to have a healthier start to life, study finds

    MILWAUKEE — Looking like Dad may improve the health of infants being raised by single mothers. Researchers looked at more than 700 single moms and their babies. They found infants who looked like their father at birth were healthier when they were 1-year-old and fathers of those kids that looked like Dad spent more days per month with their babies, vs. other fathers. These babies may be better off, according to researchers, because the fathers were more likely to spend […]

  • Survey: Some millennials go 2+ days without brushing their teeth

    MILWAUKEE — A trip to the dentist may be in order for millennials. A new survey from “Hello Products” finds the average millennial can go two or more days without brushing their teeth. The Vegan-friendly company studied the habits of 2,000 Americans for their research. Three in 10 millennials only brush their teeth once a day, and they’re making it worse by avoiding the dentist. Almost 22 percent of people surveyed avoid getting a professional cleaning because they dislike the […]

  • ‘A tragedy:’ Suspect apprehended in connection with death of 4-year-old girl

    CLEVELAND — Darnell Bitting, 31, is facing murder and weapons charges in connection with the death of a 4-year-old girl in Akron, Ohio. “May her soul rest in peace,” Tika Graham said. A makeshift memorial with balloons and stuffed animals was placed in front of a home on Mercer Ave. in Akron after the girl was shot and killed Friday night, Feb. 16. “I’ve got a 4-year-old son. I couldn’t imagine what the mom is going through. I just wanted […]

  • ‘Not an even competition:’ Parents say it’s unfair for transgender wrestler to wrestle girls

    ALLEN, Texas — A transgender wrestler in Texas who was born a girl wrestles girls, but parents say it’s unfair because he takes testosterone. Last winter, Mack Beggs, now a senior at Trinity High School in Euless, Texas, competed for the state title, which he ultimately won. “It was amazing. Like, I couldn’t stop crying. It was so great,” Angela McNew, Beggs’ mother said. Now, he’s back at it again. His family said he’s been working harder than ever towards […]

  • ‘Lady friendly:’ New Doritos will be quieter, less messy, fit in purses

    MILWAUKEE — PepsiCo is set to launch a “lady-friendly” version of Doritos, which will be quieter and less messy than the original. Global Chief Executive Indra Nooyi said research shows women and men consume the chips differently, as females are less likely to lick their fingers or crunch loudly — especially in public. The new version will also come in different packaging, designed to better fit in handbags. Some have criticized the move — with a spokeswoman for the Women’s […]

  • Betty White thanks vodka and hot dogs for her long life

    A Hollywood legend shares her secret to a long life. 95-year-old Betty White credits her love for vodka and hot dogs. In an interview with “Parade,” she also says you should enjoy life — and “accentuate the positive.” The actress turns 96 years old on January 17th. The former “Golden Girls” star has no plans to retire any time soon. She told the magazine, “I just love to work, so I’ll keep working until they stop asking.”

  • Fowl weather friends: Arkansas students print 3-D duck leg

    ARMOREL, Ark. — Eighth-grade science students have used a 3-D printer to create a prosthetic leg for a duck found without a foot shortly after he hatched. The students in northeastern Arkansas created the leg at Armorel High School’s environmental and spatial technology lab for an 8-month-old Indian runner duck named Peg. Peg’s owner, Patsy Smith, told television station KAIT that when she found the bird, a turtle had apparently chewed off his foot. She said the leg became more […]

  • Doctors find Heinz Ketchup packet lodged in intestine of woman who complained of Crohn’s symptoms

    BERKSHIRE, England — A UK woman who thought she was suffering from Crohn’s disease discovered the true cause of her inflammation was a condiment package lodged in her intestine! The British Medical Journal reports doctors discovered pieces of a Heinz Ketchup packet in the lining of her intestine. The 41-year-old woman went to doctors at a hospital in Berkshire, England — near London, after she experienced abdominal pain and bloating, symptoms similar to Crohn’s — an inflammatory bowel disorder. The […]

  • Analyst predicts Amazon will purchase Target in 2018

    MILWAUKEE — Amazon may make a bigger move into physical stores in 2018. Influential tech analyst Gene Munster is predicting the online shopping giant will buy Target this year. Munster said Target’s focus on moms is central to Amazon’s approach to win wallet share. Additionally, an acquisition of Target would increase the company’s store count to roughly 2,300 stores, which would allow it to compete with Walmart’s nearly 12,000 stores. Munster was an influential technology analyst with Piper Jaffray for […]

  • Person of interest wanted: Amber Alert issued for girls ages 14, 7 after woman found dead in Texas home

    ROUND ROCK, Texas — An Amber Alert has been issued for two young girls police believe were abducted by a person of interest in a suspicious death case. On New Year’s Eve, Sunday, December 31st, Round Rock police performed a welfare check on a woman who was found dead inside a home. Missing from the home were 14-year-old Lili Griffith and 7-year-old Lulu Bandera-magret. Police say Terry Miles is a person of interest in the death and possible abduction. A […]