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  • “I was angry, heartbroken:” Substitute teacher tells third-grade class Santa Claus, elves aren’t real

    CLEVELAND, Ohio — An Ohio mother is upset after a substitute teacher at her daughter’s elementary school told a group of third-graders Santa Claus and his elves aren’t real. “She immediately just broke into tears and she said the teacher told her Santa Claus isn’t real, Christmas isn’t real and Christmas elves aren’t real — it’s all made up. I was angry. I was heartbroken. I want to know why she felt is was OK to shatter a childhood — […]

  • Nationwide Christmas tree shortage means you’ll pay more, and there’s less selection

    SHAWNEE, Kansas — A shortage of Christmas trees has some saying “bah humbug!” Experts say you should go tree shopping early this holiday season, and be prepared to pay more. Many families love shopping for a Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving, and everyone has their vision of what the perfect tree looks like. “The one that’s kind of like medium size, and it’s like…it’s like filled with leaves,” a shopper said. “We got a fraser fir and again, that’s something […]

  • Butterball’s “Turkey Talk Line” experts share strangest questions they’ve received

    NORTH CAROLINA — Butterball’s “Turkey Talk Line” has been offering Thanksgiving advice to home cooks for three decades. Officials are now sharing some of the strangest questions they’ve received! One Alabama caller asked whether he could cook a frozen turkey that was more than 30 years old. Butterball experts suggested he purchase a fresher fowl instead. Talk Line employees try to come up with creative solutions when they can. One year, they helped a caller use tinfoil to create bikini […]

  • Study: The sooner you put up your Christmas decorations, the happier you’ll be! 🎄

    MILWAUKEE — A new study suggests you should rush to put up your holiday decorations. Experts say the sooner you light up your Christmas tree, the happier you’ll be! A study from the Journal of Environmental Psychology suggests decorating early is a neurological pipeline to warm and fuzzy feelings around your childhood experiences. Scientists say decorations evoke strong feelings of childhood, and putting them up early extends the excitement. The study also claims people who live in decorated homes are […]

  • Caught on camera: Video shows bold drive-thru thief stealing food, cash from McDonald’s

    HOWARD COUNTY — Police in Howard County, Maryland are looking for a bold drive-thru thief! Police released video of a suspect caught on camera climbing through a McDonald’s drive-thru window to steal items from the restaurant. The video first shows her reaching through the window, grabbing a cup and pouring herself a drink. Moments later, she climbed through the window and took a large box of items — passing it through the window to someone waiting outside. It happened around […]

  • Pictures show dead animal stuck to fuselage of plane after bird strike; aircraft landed safely

    MIAMI — An American Airlines flight landed safely Tuesday, November 14th after a bird strike. The plane landed without issue and was able to taxi to the gate. Unlike in most of these cases, the dead animal remained on the side of the plane! Pictures show the bird stuck to the front of the fuselage. Animal Services was called in to remove the bird. Fortunately, no one was hurt.

  • “Concerning:” After massive Equifax breach, woman says her identity has been stolen more than a dozen times

    SEATTLE, Washington — After the massive data breach at Equifax that compromised the credit of millions of Americans, a Seattle woman is blaming the company, saying her identity has been stolen more than a dozen times since early September. She’s decided to sue, and her attorney says she’s not the only victim coming forward. “I don’t know if my information has been sold to the dark web or wherever this goes. I don’t know which state this is happening in, […]

  • Police: Father shoots daughter’s boyfriend, runs couple over, then kills himself

    ARLINGTON, Texas — A Texas father is accused of killing his daughter’s boyfriend, running the couple over with his pickup truck, and later, turning the gun on himself. It happened Friday, October 27th. According to Arlington police, the man and woman in their 20s left a bar and grill near Collins and N. Center on Friday evening, and that’s when they were shot. Police said it’s believed the woman’s father, a man in his 40s, followed the couple to the […]

  • “This thing has blossomed:” Thousands attend 3rd annual Harry Potter Festival in Jefferson

    JEFFERSON — Thousands visited Jefferson, Wisconsin this weekend for the third annual Harry Potter Festival. City officials estimated more than 40,000 would attend the three day festival, from October 20th through the 22nd. The festival, which used to be held in Edgerton, included a Quidditch tournament, a live wizards chess game, a Horcrux hunt, a sorting hat experience and even helicopter rides to get a bird’s eye view of the festivities. Live music, book readings, dueling classes and costume contests […]

  • Photo captures roofers who put down tools to stand for national anthem

    MAINE — Three roofers in Maine are taking center stage, as a photo of them has gone viral. The photo captures them putting down their tools, and standing for the national anthem. The patriotic act of kindness happened Saturday, October 14th in Waterville, Maine. Witnesses said the roofers were working on a house right next to Waterville High School when they heard the anthem. They immediately paused and placed their hands on their hearts as the anthem played.

  • Costco adds grocery, non-perishable delivery in effort to compete with Amazon

    MILWAUKEE — Costco is adding delivery in an effort to compete with Amazon. Costco Grocery will offer hundreds of non-perishable, bulk items like cleaning supplies, cereal, canned goods and more — to be shipped and delivered in two days. Orders over $75 are free. There is a 5% “non-member” surcharge. Costco is also offering a separate service — same-day delivery of fresh groceries and other items through a delivery service called Instacart. You can only use this if there’s a […]

  • “You get attached to it:” Arizona family selling ’92 Honda with 300,000 miles!

    PHOENIX, Arizona — An Arizona family is selling their car, and it’s all about one number: 300,000. It’s not what they’re hoping to get for their car. It’s what they’ve put into it. For some, a car is just a car, but for the Bear family, it’s been so much more. Barb Bear bought the vehicle back in 1992 after realizing she was mature enough to take really good care of a car — sort of. “I wasn’t gonna eat […]