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  • Minimum smoking age now 21 in Oregon; supporters say it’ll save lives; opponents say it won’t deter youth

    OREGON — The new year means you must be at least 21 years of age to purchase tobacco products in Oregon. The smoking age was raised to 21 from 18 — with some saying the move will save lives, and other saying it won’t stop young people from getting their hands on tobacco products. Oregon has become the fifth state in the country to adopt this law. The law calls for fines for businesses that sell tobacco products to people […]

  • 40,000 pounds of avocados spilled onto Dallas interstate amid semi fire

    DALLAS — Impromptu guacamole blocked a highway in Texas on Thursday, December 28th. About 40,000 pounds of avocados spilled onto the interstate near Dallas when the big rig carrying them caught fire. Authorities put out the flames while investigators worked to determine the cause of the fire.

  • Claire’s pulls 17 makeup products from shelves nationwide amid asbestos concerns

    MILWAUKEE — A cancer risk could be lurking in your child’s makeup. Claire’s is pulling 17 makeup products from shelves nationwide after they tested positive for asbestos — a toxic substance that has been linked to cancer. The disturbing discovery was made after a Rhode Island mom sent her 6-year-old daughter’s makeup kit to an independent lab for testing. The woman’s employer then purchased kits in nine different states — all testing positive. Claire’s is conducting its own investigation and […]

  • From $50, to $750: Price of brain tumor, lymphoma medication has jumped 1,400 percent

    MIAMI, Florida — A drug maker is being accused of price gouging. NextSource Biotechnology is under fire after the Wall Street Journal revealed the price of its 40-year-old cancer drug Lomustine has jumped 1,400 percent since 2013. Lomustine treats brain tumors and Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It’s the only drug of its kind on the market — with no generic alternative — letting the drug supplier raise costs for patients unchecked by market competition. The drug used to cost about $50 per […]

  • WHO to classify excessive video gaming as a mental disorder in 2018

    MILWAUKEE — Video game addiction is on the rise, so much so that excessive video gaming is set to be characterized as a mental disorder. The World Health Organization is adding “gaming disorder” to its international classification of diseases in 2018. Gaming disorder is characterized by persistent video game playing that takes precedent over other life interests and activities. Doctors say video games can be a way to improve hand-eye coordination and relieve stress. However, gaming becomes a problem when […]

  • 3.2 beer phase out: Anheuser-Busch warns they could go from 20 brands to 12 in some states

    UTAH — Lighter beers may soon be harder to find in some states out west, as big breweries phase them out. “Starting probably early to mid 2018, you’re going to see many of the products in the grocery and convenience stores today will begin to disappear,” Jim Olsen with the Utah Beer Wholesalers Association said. Oklahoma, Colorado and Kansas are ending the sale of 3.2 beer in their states. That’s beer with no more than 3.2 percent alcohol by weight. […]

  • “Wish your mom was here:” Baby boy delivered 3 months early, on Christmas — his mother fatally shot

    TUCSON, Arizona — A baby boy was delivered on Christmas — after his mother was shot and killed. It happened in Tucson, Arizona, and doctors say it’s a Christmas miracle that the baby will be OK. 18-year-old Anthony Rivera was forced to say goodbye to his girlfriend on Christmas Day — a woman he described as kind, compassionate and excited to be a mom. “All I was thinking was ‘I wish your mom was right here to see you,'” Rivera […]

  • “I was angry, heartbroken:” Substitute teacher tells third-grade class Santa Claus, elves aren’t real

    CLEVELAND, Ohio — An Ohio mother is upset after a substitute teacher at her daughter’s elementary school told a group of third-graders Santa Claus and his elves aren’t real. “She immediately just broke into tears and she said the teacher told her Santa Claus isn’t real, Christmas isn’t real and Christmas elves aren’t real — it’s all made up. I was angry. I was heartbroken. I want to know why she felt is was OK to shatter a childhood — […]

  • Nationwide Christmas tree shortage means you’ll pay more, and there’s less selection

    SHAWNEE, Kansas — A shortage of Christmas trees has some saying “bah humbug!” Experts say you should go tree shopping early this holiday season, and be prepared to pay more. Many families love shopping for a Christmas tree right after Thanksgiving, and everyone has their vision of what the perfect tree looks like. “The one that’s kind of like medium size, and it’s like…it’s like filled with leaves,” a shopper said. “We got a fraser fir and again, that’s something […]

  • Butterball’s “Turkey Talk Line” experts share strangest questions they’ve received

    NORTH CAROLINA — Butterball’s “Turkey Talk Line” has been offering Thanksgiving advice to home cooks for three decades. Officials are now sharing some of the strangest questions they’ve received! One Alabama caller asked whether he could cook a frozen turkey that was more than 30 years old. Butterball experts suggested he purchase a fresher fowl instead. Talk Line employees try to come up with creative solutions when they can. One year, they helped a caller use tinfoil to create bikini […]

  • Study: The sooner you put up your Christmas decorations, the happier you’ll be! 🎄

    MILWAUKEE — A new study suggests you should rush to put up your holiday decorations. Experts say the sooner you light up your Christmas tree, the happier you’ll be! A study from the Journal of Environmental Psychology suggests decorating early is a neurological pipeline to warm and fuzzy feelings around your childhood experiences. Scientists say decorations evoke strong feelings of childhood, and putting them up early extends the excitement. The study also claims people who live in decorated homes are […]

  • Caught on camera: Video shows bold drive-thru thief stealing food, cash from McDonald’s

    HOWARD COUNTY — Police in Howard County, Maryland are looking for a bold drive-thru thief! Police released video of a suspect caught on camera climbing through a McDonald’s drive-thru window to steal items from the restaurant. The video first shows her reaching through the window, grabbing a cup and pouring herself a drink. Moments later, she climbed through the window and took a large box of items — passing it through the window to someone waiting outside. It happened around […]