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  • Pregnant dog shows up at fire station; paramedic helps deliver 8 puppies

    APOPKA, Fla. — There was no fire dog at a Florida fire station, and now, there’s eight of them! The team at Apopka Station 5 never had their own fire dog until one walked up and gave them more than they bargained for. “And so I went outside and saw her, and she was pregnant,” said Lt. Renee Beasley, Apopka Fire Department. Beasley, a paramedic, became a canine nurse for the day — delivering a litter of eight from a […]

  • Watch: North Carolina woman sings ‘At Last’ over PA system on the last day of school

    LINCOLNTON, N.C. — Some North Carolina students celebrating the end of the school year with a special performance from a school receptionist. North Lincoln High School Receptionist Regina Ballard posting a video of herself singing the Etta James classic “At Last” over the PA system. Ballard revising some of the lyrics for the special occasion, singing “at last summer break has come along” instead of “at last my love has come along.” Ballard writing she loves her job, but, looks forward […]

  • Survey: Millennials expect to retire early; nearly half think they’ll hit millionaire status

    MILWAUKEE — Millennials may not have the best reputation when it comes to being financially savvy, but a new report shows most of them are optimistic about their retirement plans. TD Ameritrade found on average, millennials expect to retire by the age of 56, and of the 1,500 millennials surveyed for this study, 49 percent think they will hit millionaire status at some point in life. Four percent said they already have. Breaking it down by gender, 70 percent of […]

  • Are you really you when you’re hungry? Scientists define difference between ‘hungry’ and ‘hangry’

    MILWAUKEE — Scientists have defined the difference between being hungry and being “hangry.” If you’re hangry, your hunger pains are putting you in a very bad mood. In an effort to better understand “hanger,” in one experiment, researchers asked more than 400 people across the country to do a few online experiments. In another, they asked 200 students to either eat or fast before coming to the lab. Some of the students were asked to do a writing exercise about […]

  • Couple ties the knot in new venue amid raging ‘416 Wildfire’ in Colorado

    DURANGO, Colo. — A Colorado couple didn’t let a raging wildfire ruin their wedding day. Instead, they used the flames as a backdrop for their wedding photos. Sara and Michael Kramer tied the knot on Saturday, June 9. After they had to pull out of their original venue, Cascade Village, because of the “416 Wildfire” in Durango, Colorado, the groom’s whole family came together to help make their big day happen. His aunt and uncle offered up their property on […]

  • SeaWorld ditches plastic bags, straws, lids

    ORLANDO, Fla. — SeaWorld is taking steps to keep marine life safe. “We’ve decided to no longer use single day-use plastic bags,” said Jon Peterson, SeaWorld rescue operations manager. Cloth bags are now king at SeaWorld. If you don’t feel like buying one… “We’re going to go to a paper bag. It’s very simple,” said Peterson. Same goes at the concession stand — no more plastic straws, not even plastic lids on the cups. “This is a very common thing that […]

  • Teacher carries girl with cerebral palsy in special backpack so she didn’t miss class camping trip

    CHICAGO — A Chicago teacher carried her student on her back so the girl who has cerebral palsy wouldn’t have to miss a class camping trip. Helma Wardenaar, a special education teacher at the Academy for Global Citizenship, carried Maggie, a fourth-grader with special needs, in a backpack on her back. Maggie needs a walker or wheelchair to get around, so the two-day trip to Oak Forest, outside of Chicago, involving a hike in the woods, seemed impossible. Wardenaar looked […]

  • Newborn rescued after being buried alive in Brazil survives

    CANARANA, Brazil — A newborn survived after being buried alive in Brazil. Police dug up the infant from the backyard of the mother’s family home. Officials said a 15-year-old girl gave birth and believed the baby died, so she buried it. An anonymous tip led officials to dig up the baby girl, who was said to be in stable condition. The baby’s grandmother and great-grandmother were taken into custody amid an investigation. The baby’s mother was questioned and released.

  • ‘Who’s a good boy?’ Study shows dogs pay better attention to you when you use baby talk

    MILWAUKEE — It turns out, using baby talk when you chat with your dog is a good thing. A new study, published in “Animal Cognition,” says dogs pay better attention to humans when they use a “baby talk” tone of voice with them. The study says baby talk helps dogs connect emotionally with humans. Researchers found dogs are more responsive to baby talk, but certain keywords such as “walk” triggered emotional responses no matter the tone. CLICK HERE for more […]

  • Man wearing hospital gown arrested after running into traffic, stealing, wrecking squad

    ORLANDO, Fla. — A dangerous joyride came to an end with a police squad car flipped on its side — a broken headlight remaining. Police say the suspect started his night in the front of a squad, and ended up being taken away in the back of one. It all began when a call came in about a suspicious person in downtown Orlando near Princeton Street and Orange Avenue. Orlando police said Alexander James Gonzales, Jr., 30,  was wearing a blue […]

  • DNA-matched cancer treatment could increase survival rates as much as 6-fold

    HOUSTON, Texas — A new way of treating cancer that involves individual DNA sequencing could change survival rates, according to a new study. Researchers at the University of Texas’ MD Anderson Cancer Center said they think individually matching your cancer treatment to a DNA sequencing, rather than the location of the cancer, could not only change the treatment type chosen, but it could also lead to a survival rate of that increases as much as six-fold. The study was presented […]

  • 28% of millennials drink at home because going out ‘takes too much effort’

    MILWAUKEE — More people are skipping a trip to the bar — choosing to drink in the comfort of their own homes instead. A new study shows 55 percent of Americans are taking a sip of their favorite alcoholic beverage at home. Millennials are playing a huge role in this, with three in 10 choosing to stay in. The study shows the reasoning behind this is because millennials feel like it “takes too much effort to go out.” They also […]