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My tour of the Upper Midwest continues!
Hello, my name is Jonathon Gregg, a multi-media journalist for WITI-TV. I am very excited to join the FOX6 news team and have the opportunity to explore Southeast, Wisconsin. However, my TV reporting career did not begin in the Badger State.

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I am an Iowan by trade, growing up near the Quad Cities along the rolling Mississippi River Valley. My boyhood summers were spent on the ball diamonds of small towns and in the towering cornfields, Iowa is known for. High school was filled with football, wrestling, theatre and band. From Northeast Community Schools I sojourned to Wartburg College in Waverly, Iowa. At Wartburg I began working in television news, graduating with degrees in Communication Arts and Theatre. My time in Iowa continue with years spent in Cedar Rapids and Oskaloosa.

In 2012 I heroically crossed the Mississippi on my way to Green Bay. I do believe the experience helped prepare me for my next step, Milwaukee! I have arrived with ambition and the hope to do well by WITI's viewers. If you have a story idea, I'd love to hear it,

Recent Articles
  • sheboygan beaches

    High waves & strong currents: National Weather Service issues beach hazard alert

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Wednesday, July 23rd was a beautiful day for a stroll on the beach — but not a great day to go swimming. The National Weather Service has issued a “Beach Hazards Statement” for dangerous swimming conditions for beaches from Port Washington to Kensoha due to high wave action, strong currents and dangerous swimming conditions. Beaches with particularly dangerous conditions on Wednesday, July 23rd include: McKinley Beach in Milwaukee Grant Park Beach in Milwaukee Shoop Park Beach in Racine […]

  • work in slinger

    Containment efforts: Second day of work, cleaning up diesel fuel in Slinger

    SLINGER (WITI) — The site of a train collision in Slinger is an active one. A Canadian National train collided with a Wisconsin & Southern train on Sunday night, July 20th. Following the collision, 5,000 gallons of diesel fuel leaked — and the cleanup operation continues, under the watchful eye of the DNR. The sun has risen for the second time since two trains collided in Slinger. Day One saw an intense effort to clear any threat to residents, and […]

  • massive flooding

    Seven inches of rain in four hours: This week marks four-year anniversary of massive flash floods

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — This week marks the anniversary of the massive flooding of 2010. Four years ago, the skies above Milwaukee opened up — dumping seven inches of rain in just a few hours. That caused some of the worst flash flooding residents have ever seen — and the city of Milwaukee and other municipalities continue to work on ways to stay dry if that much rain ever comes again. Four years may pass by in the blink of an […]

  • Zoo Interchange

    Zoo Interchange: DOT monitors massive project from behind the scenes

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — It’s a project that was planned for months — shutting down the highway so crews can do a couple of crucial things. Haul in and set steel girders for a railroad bridge, demolish the southbound highway 100 bridge, and finally… complete some storm sewer work. While all of that work is happening, the Department of Transportation is watching the progress from its monitor center in Milwaukee. The operations center, with eyes across Wisconsin, has special attention on […]

  • Gaza Protest

    Protesters flock Milwaukee streets about Israel & Gaza fighting: “This is a humanitarian crisis, we need to stand for them”

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Fighting and bombings continue to escalate in Israel and Gaza. While Israel’s leaders say they are fighting against the terrorist group Hamas, Palestinian supporter insist innocent people are also being targeted. The screech of rush-hour traffic — drowned out by the cries of Palestinian supporters, lining the sidewalk on Wisconsin Avenue Friday afternoon, July 18th. “These are people who have been living under siege and occupation for all of their lives. They want to be free,” says […]

  • michael bell

    The fight for transparency continues: Three months after Michael Bell’s law was signed, is it working?

    KENOSHA (WITI) — The fight for transparency continues for Michael Bell Sr. His son was killed by Kenosha police in 2004. It has been three months since a new law went into effect — requiring law enforcement officials to have an outside agency investigate any in-custody deaths. So does Bell think the new law is working? On April 23rd, 2014, Assembly Bill 409 became law. It happened in a private ceremony in Madison. “I mean it was, it was like […]

  • miller park

    A first for Miller Park: Grounds crew works to transform the baseball field into a soccer field

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — The Milwaukee Brewers are now on their All-Star break — but their field isn’t! Miller Park is being transformed to host its first ever international soccer match scheduled for this Wednesday, July 16th. As soon as the Milwaukee Brewers walked off the field on Sunday, the grounds crew got to work! They have 48 hours to transform the field from a baseball field to a soccer field — for an event that’s a first for Miller Park! […]

  • 20140713_111406

    Neighbors in disbelief after elderly woman dies in mobile home fire on Sheridan Rd. in Kenosha

    KENOSHA (WITI) — Kenosha officials are investigating a fire in which one person died late on Saturday, July 12th. The fire happened at a mobile home on Sheridan Rd. in Kenosha. Most of the neighbors were still in the dark over what happened last night — until firefighters showed up a second time. Kenosha Fire says the person who lived in unit 90 didn’t make it out alive. “She’s an elderly lady and would just walk up and down the road…..say […]

  • South Shore Frolic Parade

    One of Milwaukee’s oldest festivals brings life to Bay View neighborhood

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — Two years after being cancelled for lack of funding, organizers say the South Shore Frolic Parade is stronger than ever — thousands lined the streets on Saturday, Julth 12th, for what is one of Milwaukee’s oldest festivals. Telling this story might take a while, but the Brewer family doesn’t mind. At the corner of Knock and Delaware, they might just have the best seats. “Yeah, I’m, glad we got it,” says Evelyn Brewer, patron. For Milwaukee County’s […]

  • mailman

    Quite the accomplishment: 45 years without an accident for Greenfield letter carrier!

    GREENFIELD (WITI) — He might be one of the safest drivers in the country — and he calls Greenfield home. Now, this letter carrier is receiving a high honor for his time behind the wheel. When Bill Narlock was a young man, all he wanted was a steady job. There were a lot of places he could probably work, but he banked on one being around for the long haul. Narlock was just 19 years old in 1969 when he got […]

  • diamond in the sky

    A star, the size of the Earth, made out of…a diamond?! UWM astronomer has made a remarkable discovery!

    MILWAUKEE (WITI) — A University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee astronomer has made a remarkable discovery. Some say it’s like “a diamond in the sky!” Dr. David Kaplan and his colleagues have discovered a dying star so old and so cold, it must be made out of a diamond! Dr. Kaplan has the backing of NASA to continue his research on what basically constitutes “a diamond” in space — the size of Earth! In the Physics Department at UWM, one thing often leads […]

  • FoodShare

    Want FoodShare benefits? New requirements mean some will have to work to qualify

    RACINE COUNTY (WITI) – Wisconsin’s FoodShare program…has new rules. Some people will have to go to work to receive benefits. Statewide, the new rules take effect in January 2015 — but the new requirements already apply to three counties in southeastern Wisconsin. Racine County is one of three counties already requiring some of its residents on FoodShare to work or enroll in job training. Up until now, Wisconsin has waived the requirement. “Starting with this new state budget 2014-2015, July 1st, […]